Sep­tem­ber 27, 1979, Nash­ville, Ten­nes­see.


Drake grew up on 40 acres of land that had been in his fa­mi­ly for three gen­e­ra­tions.

While stu­dy­ing Sac­red Mu­sic at Un­ion Un­i­ver­si­ty in Jack­son, Ten­nes­see, he be­came in­ter­est­ed in sus­tain­ing the church’s hym­no­dy, and de­vel­oped a love for po­et­ry.

In 2001, he went to pur­sue post­gra­du­ate stu­dies in Mu­si­col­o­gy at the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Glas­gow, Scot­land, where he gra­du­ated with a M.Mus. de­gree in 2003. As of 2006, he was pur­su­ing his Ph.D. on late 15th Cen­tu­ry La­tin mo­tets.

He teach­es Hu­ma­ni­ties and Mu­sic The­o­ry at Grove Ci­ty Col­lege, Penn­syl­van­ia, and wor­ships at the Rocky Springs Pres­by­ter­i­an Church in Har­ris­ville.

  1. As in the Days of Hag­gai
  2. Behold, What Light Rolls Back the Sky?
  3. Eternal God, Mov­er Un­moved
  4. Holy Word of God, The
  5. O Chris­tian Home
  6. Spirit Binds Us to Our Lord, The
  1. Flandrensis
  2. Forest Glen
  3. Français
  4. Honoro Pa­tris
  5. Lex Nos­ter
  6. Schultz