Late 19th Century

Dowling’s works include:

  1. After the Storms of Life
  2. All Hail the Son of God
  3. Blessed Servants of God Who Are Fearless
  4. Come, All Ye Weary Sin Sick Souls
  5. Come and Go with Us
  6. Come to Jesus Right Away
  7. Every Heart Will Happy Be
  8. Give Me Your Heart, Whate’er Your Lot
  9. Hark, the Mighty Billows Roaring
  10. I Am Glad That I Love Jesus
  11. I Want to Be Like Jesus
  12. I Was a Wandering Child
  13. In the Sunny Land of Egypt
  14. I’ve a Home Over There
  15. Jesus Has Promised the Weary a Rest
  16. Jesus Is Merciful
  17. Jesus Is My Friend
  18. Jesus Is Passing by Today
  19. Jesus Is Mine
  20. Jesus Loved the Little Children
  21. Jesus Loves the Cheerful Giver
  22. Jesus Will Give of the Fountain
  23. Look Away From Every Sin
  24. O Come and Join Our Army
  25. O Idler, Go Work
  26. Out in the Beautiful Seedtime
  27. Out in the Beautiful Springtime of Youth
  28. Out in the Highway
  29. Say a Kind Word When You Can
  30. Singing for Jesus Wherever We Are
  31. There Is a Crown in Heaven for Me
  32. Through the Trials of the Day
  33. We Are Coming
  34. We Come with Songs
  35. Work While You Can