Late 19th Century
  1. A Home in Heaven, What a Beautiful Thought
  2. All Our Conflicts Will Here Soon Be Ended
  3. Going Up to Zion
  4. Life’s Closing Hours Pass Sweetly By
  5. O Ring the Glad Bells
  6. O Wondrous Night, When Stars Serenely Shining
  7. Oft Across Life’s Pathway Dreary
  8. Onward, Pilgrim, Don’t Delay
  9. Pilgrim on His Journey, The
  10. Soon Trials and Conflicts of Life Will Be O’er
  11. Stand by the Right
  12. They Who to Mountain Heights
  13. Train the Children, Guard from Falling
  14. Up Through Tribulation Great
  15. We Shall Sweetly Rest in Thee
  16. Walking the Golden Streets