July 4, 1922, McGhee, Arkansas.

January 29, 2011, Crossett, Arkansas.

Crossroads Cemetery, Crossett, Arkansas.

  1. Bells of Heaven Ringing
  2. Don’t You Know It Isn’t Necessary?
  3. Down in the Valley
  4. Dreaming I Oft See the Old Home
  5. Evil Force Is Prowling ’Round, An
  6. Every Time I Ask the Savior
  7. For a Little While I Must
  8. I Don’t Know How Long I Must Travel
  9. I Have Found the Pathway
  10. I Sing Because I’m Happy
  11. I Was Roaming Through the Wildwood
  12. If You Are a Stranger to the Lord
  13. In a Moss Covered Valley Out Yonder
  14. In My Fondest Dreams I See a Mansion
  15. I’ve Been a Long Time in This World of Sorrow
  16. I’ve Launched My Boat
  17. Long in the Vale of Sin and Darkness
  18. No Matter How the World Treats Me
  19. Oft We Meet in Sweet Communion
  20. Often in the World I Grow
  21. On the Things That Fade Away
  22. Sadness and Sorrow Surround Us
  23. Since the Lord Has Made Me Clean
  24. Some Day When Work Is Done
  25. Somebody Sought Me When I Was Astray
  26. Something Within, Tells Me That All Is Well
  27. There Is a Love That Takes
  28. There’s a City That’s Called Heaven
  29. Though Ten Thousand Voices Whisper
  30. We Have Heard About a Happy Land
  31. Weary, Lord, You Know I’m Gettin’
  32. What a Day ’Twill Be
  33. While Traveling on My Way