February 13, 1825, Charleston, South Carolina.

January 18, 1913, Rutland, Vermont, at her home, The Maples.

Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland, Vermont.

Caroline Thomas.

Daughter of William Young Ripley, Julia lost her mother as a child. In 1830 her father took her to Vermont, where she was educated. She began writing poetry at an early age, but did not publish anything until two years after her 1847 marriage to Seneca M. Dorr, a prominent New York lawyer and banker.

After her marriage, Julia contributed to magazines, mainly poetry, with an occasional short story. She counted among her friends writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Russell Lowell, Julia Ward Howe, Richard Watson Gilder, and Oliver Wendell Holmes. She carried on a correspondence with Holmes for over 20 years.

Dorr’s works include:

  1. Heir of All the Ages, I
  2. How Can I Cease to Pray for Thee?
  3. I Would Be Quiet, Lord
  4. It Is Not Mine, to Run with Eager Feet
  5. Jubilate!
  6. Thou Who Dost Build the Blind Bird’s Nest
  7. Yea, Lord, Yet Some Must Serve