June 26, 1702, Lon­don, Eng­land.

Oc­to­ber 26, 1751, Lis­bon, Por­tu­gal, of tu­ber­cu­lo­sis. Dodd­ridge had gone there to re­cu­per­ate from ex­haus­tion.

Eng­lish Pro­test­ant Cem­e­tery (at­tached to the Brit­ish Fac­tory), Lis­bon, Por­tu­gal.


Philip was the son of Dan­i­el and Eliz­a­beth Dod­dridge. His mo­ther was the daugh­ter of John Bau­man, an exiled Bo­he­mi­an cler­gy­man.

Youngest of 20 children, at birth Phil­ip showed so lit­tle sign of life that he was laid aside as dead. But one of his at­tend­ants, think­ing she per­ceived some mo­tion, or breath, took that ne­ces­sa­ry care of him, on which, in those ten­der cir­cum­stan­ces, the fee­ble frame of life de­pend­ed, which was so near ex­pir­ing as soon as it was kind­led. (Long, p. 128).

Doddridge attended King­ston Gram­mar School at St. Al­bans, and a Non­con­formi­st acad­e­my in Kib­worth, Lei­ces­ter­shire. He went on to be­come one of the dis­sent­ing cler­gy. He was pas­tor of an in­de­pen­dent con­gre­ga­tion, and tu­tor of a sem­in­a­ry for dis­sent­ing min­is­ters at North­amp­ton from 1739 un­til his death. He wrote hun­dreds of hymns to ac­com­pa­ny his ser­mons, but none were pub­lished dur­ing his life­time; his friend and bi­og­raph­er Job Or­ton is­sued them pos­thu­mous­ly.

His works in­clude:

  1. Accept, Great God, Thy Bri­tain’s Songs
  2. Alas! For Bri­tain, and Her Sons!
  3. Alas! How Fast Our Mo­ments Fly
  4. All Con­quer­ing Faith, How High It Rose
  5. All Hail, Mys­ter­i­ous King!
  6. All Hail, Vic­tor­i­ous Sav­ior, Hail!
  7. Aloud I Sing the Won­drous Grace
  8. Amazing, Beau­te­ous Change!
  9. Amazing Grace of God on High!
  10. Amazing Plan of Sov­er­eign Love!
  11. And Are We Now Brought Near to God?
  12. And Art Thou with Us, Gra­cious Lord?
  13. And Doth the Son of God Com­plain?
  14. And Is Sal­va­tion Brought So Near?
  15. And Shall We Still Be Slaves?
  16. And Why Do Our Ad­mir­ing Eyes
  17. And Will th’Eter­nal King
  18. And Will the Judge Des­cend?
  19. And Will the Great Eter­nal God
  20. And Will the Ma­jes­ty of Hea­ven
  21. Approach, Ye Child­ren of Your God
  22. Arise, My Ten­der­est Thoughts, Arise
  23. Assist Us, Lord, Thy Name to Praise
  24. Attend, Mine Ear
  25. Attend, My Soul, the Voice Di­vine
  26. Attend, My Soul, with Rev­er­end Awe
  27. Awake, My Drow­sy Soul, Awake
  28. Awake, My Soul, Stretch Ev­ery Nerve
  29. Awake, My Soul, to Meet the Day
  30. Awake Our Souls, and Bless His Name
  31. Awake, Ye Saints, and Raise Your Eyes
  32. Backsliding Is­ra­el, Hear the Voice
  33. Behold God’s Great In­car­nate Son
  34. Behold, I Come, the Sav­ior Cries
  35. Behold, O Is­ra­el’s God
  36. Behold Our God, He Owns His Name
  37. Behold the Am­az­ing Sight
  38. Behold the Bleed­ing Lamb of God
  39. Behold the Glass the Gos­pel Lends
  40. Behold the Gloomy Vale
  41. Behold, the Great Eter­nal God
  42. Behold, the Great Phy­si­cian Stands
  43. Behold the Path That Mor­tals Tread
  44. Behold, the Son of God Ap­pears
  45. Behold the Son of God’s De­light
  46. Behold with Pleas­ing Ec­sta­sy
  47. Beneath Thy Migh­ty Hand, O God
  48. Beset with Snares on Ev­ery Hand
  49. Blest Be the Lamb, Whose Blood Was Spilt
  50. Blest Je­sus, Bow Thine Ear
  51. Blest Je­sus, Source of Grace Di­vine
  52. Blest Je­sus While in Mor­tal Flesh
  53. Blest Sav­ior, to My Heart More Dear
  54. Bridegroom of Souls, How Rich Thy Love!
  55. Bright Source of In­tel­lec­tu­al Rays
  56. Captives of Is­ra­el, Hear
  57. Come, Ho­ly Spir­it, We En­treat
  58. Come, Our In­dulg­ent Sav­ior, Come
  59. Come, Thou Ce­les­ti­al Spir­it, Come
  60. Covenant of a Sav­ior’s Love, The
  61. Creatures, Lord, Con­fess Thy Hand, The
  62. Darkened Sky, How Thick It Lours, The
  63. Day Ap­proach­eth, The
  64. Deluge, at th’Al­migh­ty’s Call
  65. Descend, Im­mor­tal Dove
  66. Do I Not Love Thee, O My Lord?
  67. Eternal and Im­mor­tal King
  68. Eternal God! His Name How Great, The
  69. Eternal God, Our Humbl­ed Souls
  70. Eternal God, Our Won­der­ing Souls
  71. Eternal King, Thy Robes Are White
  72. Eternal Source of Ev­ery Joy
  73. Eternal Source of Life and Thought
  74. Ever-Liv­ing God, The
  75. Exalted Prince of Life, We Own
  76. Father Di­vine, the Sav­ior Cried
  77. Father Di­vine, Thy Pierc­ing Eye
  78. Father of Lights, We Sing Thy Name
  79. Father of Men, Thy Care We Bless
  80. Father of Mer­cies, in Thy House
    • Savior, When to Heav’n He Rose, The
  81. Father of Mer­cies, Send Thy Grace
  82. Father of Peace, and God of Love
  83. Father of Spir­its, from Thy Hand
  84. Flow On, My Tears, in Ris­ing Streams
  85. Fountain of Com­fort, and of Love
  86. Fountain of Good, to Own Thy Love
  87. Glorious Lord! His Is­ra­el’s Hope, The
  88. Go, Sa­ith the Lord, Pro­claim My Grace
  89. God of Eter­ni­ty, from Thee
  90. God of Ma­nas­seh, Wilt Thou Scorn
  91. God of My Life, Through All Its Days
  92. God of My Life, Thy Con­stant Care
  93. God of Sal­va­tion, We Adore
  94. God of the Ocean, at Whose Voice
  95. Grace, ’Tis a Charm­ing Sound
  96. Great Fa­ther of Each Per­fect Gift
  97. Great Fa­ther of Man­kind
  98. Great For­mer of This Var­i­ous Frame
  99. Great God, Did Pi­ous Ab­ram Pray
  100. Great God of Hea­ven and Na­ture, Rise
  101. Great God of Hosts, At­tend Our Pray­er
  102. Great God, We Sing That Migh­ty Hand
  103. Great Je­ho­vah! Who Shall Dare, The
  104. Great Lead­er of Thine Is­ra­el’s Host
  105. Great Lord of An­gels, We Adore
  106. Great Ob­ject of Thine Is­ra­el’s Hope
  107. Great Rul­er of All Na­ture’s Frame
  108. Great Source of Be­ing and of Love
  109. Great Source of Life, Our Souls Con­fess
  110. Great Sov­er­eign of the Hu­man Heart
  111. Great Spir­it of Im­mor­tal Love
  112. Great Teach­er of Thy Church, We Own
  113. Guardian of Is­ra­el, Source of Peace
  114. Hail, Ev­er­last­ing Prince of Peace
  115. Hail, Ev­er­last­ing Spring
  116. Hail, Gra­cious Sav­ior, All Di­vine!
  117. Hail Pro­ge­ny Di­vine!
  118. Hail to Em­man­u­el’s Ev­er Hon­ored Name!
  119. Hail to the Prince of Life and Peace
  120. Hark! For the Great Cre­at­or Speaks
  121. Hark! For ’Tis God’s Own Son That Calls
  122. Hark! For ’Tis Wis­dom’s Voice
  123. Hark, the Glad Sound!
  124. Hark! ’Tis Our Heav’n­ly Lead­er’s Voice
  125. He Comes, the Roy­al Con­quer­or Comes
  126. He Comes—Thy God, O Is­ra­el, Comes
  127. Hear, Gra­cious Sov­er­eign, from Thy Throne
  128. Hearken, Ye Child­ren of Your God
  129. Heaven Has Con­firmed the Great De­cree
  130. Henceforth Let Each Be­liev­ing Heart
  131. High Let Us Swell Our Tune­ful Notes
  132. House of Our God
  133. How Free the Foun­tain Flows
  134. How Gen­tle God’s Com­mands
  135. How Glor­i­ous, Lord, Art Thou!
  136. How Gra­cious and How Wise
  137. How Keen the Temp­ter’s Mal­ice Is
  138. How Long Shall Dreams of Crea­ture Bliss
  139. How Rich Thy Boun­ty, King of Kings!
  140. How Rich Thy Fa­vors, God of Grace
  141. How Swift the Tor­rent Rolls
  142. I Am Thy God, Je­ho­vah Said
  143. I Own, M God, Thy Sov­er­eign Grace
  144. Immense, Eter­nal God!
  145. Immortal God, on Thee We Call
  146. In Glad Am­aze­ment, Lord, I Stand
  147. In One Har­mon­i­ous Cheer­ful Song
  148. In Rap­tures Let Our Hearts As­cend
  149. In Thy Re­bukes, All Gra­cious God
  150. In What Con­fu­sion Earth Ap­pears!
  151. Indulgent God, with Pi­ty­ing Eye
  152. Indulgent Lord, Thy Good­ness Reigns
  153. Indulgent Sov­er­eign of the Skies
  154. Inquire, Ye Pil­grims, for the Way
  155. Interval of Grate­ful Shade
  156. Is There a Sight in Earth or Hea­ven
  157. Israel, Thy Tri­bute Bring
  158. It Is My Fa­ther’s Voice
  159. It Is the Lord of Glo­ry Calls
  160. Jehovah, ’Tis a Glor­i­ous Name
  161. Jesus, I Love Thy Charm­ing Name
  162. Jesus, I Sing Thy Match­less Grace
  163. Jesus, Mine Ad­vo­cate Above
  164. Jesus, My Lord, How Rich Thy Grace!
  165. Jesus, Our Soul’s De­light­ful Choice
  166. Jesus, the Lord, Our Souls Adore
  167. Jesus, We Own Thy Sav­ing Pow­er
  168. Jesus, We Own Thy Sov­er­eign Hand
  169. King of Heav’n His Ta­ble Spreads, The
  170. Legions of Foes Be­set Me Round
  171. Let Hea­ven Burst Forth in­to Song
  172. Let Ja­cob to His Mak­er Sing
  173. Let the High Heav’ns Your Songs In­vite
  174. Let Zi­on’s Watch­men All Awake
  175. Lift Up, Ye Saints, Your Weep­ing Eyes
  176. Listen, Ye Hills—Ye Moun­tains, Hear
  177. Look Back, My Soul, with Grate­ful Love
  178. Look Down, O Lord
  179. Lord, from His Ex­alt­ed Throne, The
  180. Lord, How Kind Are All His Ways, The
  181. Lord, How Rich His Com­forts Are!
  182. Lord in­to His Vine­yard Comes, The
  183. Lord Je­ho­vah Calls, The
  184. Lord of Life Ex­alt­ed Stands, The
  185. Lord of Glo­ry Reigns Su­preme­ly Great, The
  186. Lord of the Sab­bath, Hear Our Vows
  187. Lord of the Vine­yard, We Adore
  188. Lord on Mor­tal Worms Looks Down, The
  189. Lord, Our Lord, How Rich His Grace, The
  190. Lord, Dost Thou Show a Cor­ner­stone
  191. Lord, We Adore Thy Won­drous Name
  192. Lord, We Have Broke Thy Ho­ly Laws
  193. Lord, We Have Wan­dered from the Way
  194. Lord, When In­i­qui­ties Abound
  195. Lord, When Thine Is­ra­el We Sur­vey
  196. Lord, When Thy Hand Is Lift­ed Up
  197. Lord with Plea­sure Views His Saints
  198. Loud Be Thy Name Adored
  199. Loud Let the Tune­ful Trum­pet Sound
  200. Loud to the Prince of Heav’n
    • Gird on Thy Con­qu’ring Sword
  201. Mark the Soft Fall­ing Snow
  202. Mine In­ward Joys, Sup­pressed Too Long
  203. My God, and Is Thy Ta­ble Spread?
  204. My God, As­sist Me While I Raise
  205. My God, the Cov­e­nant of Thy Love
  206. My God, Thy Ser­vice Well De­mands
  207. My God, What Silk­en Cords Are Thine!
  208. My God, Whose All Per­vad­ing Eye
  209. My Gra­cious Lord, I Own Thy Right
  210. My Help­er, God! I Bless His Name
  211. My Je­sus, While in Mor­tal Flesh
  212. My Lord, Didst Thou En­dure Such Smart?
  213. My Sav­ior, Didst Thou Die for Me?
  214. My Sav­ior, I Am Thine
  215. My Sav­ior, Let Me Hear Thy Voice
  216. My Sins, Alas! How Foul the Stains
  217. My Soul, Re­view the Trem­bling Days
  218. My Soul, the Aw­ful Hour Will Come
  219. My Soul, Tri­umph­ant in the Lord
  220. My Soul, with All Thy Waked Pow­ers
  221. My Soul, with Joy At­tend
  222. My Var­i­ous Pow­ers, Awake
  223. My Wa­kened Soul, Ex­tend Thy Wings
  224. Not Ma­ny Years Their Rounds Shall Roll
  225. Now Be That Sac­ri­fice Sur­veyed
  226. Now Let Our Songs Ad­dress the God of Peace
  227. Now Let a True Am­bi­tion Rise
  228. Now Let My Soul with Trans­port Rise
  229. Now Let Our Cheer­ful Eyes Sur­vey
  230. Now Let Our Mourn­ing Hearts Re­vive
  231. Now Let Our Sons Ac­claim Abroad
  232. Now Let Our Voic­es Join
  233. Now Let the Fee­ble All Be Strong
  234. Now Let the Gates of Zi­on Sing
  235. Now Let the List­en­ing World Around
  236. Now Let the Sons of Bel­i­al Hear
  237. Now to That Sov­er­eign Grace
  238. O God of Beth­el, by Whose Hand
  239. O God of Sab­bath, Hear Our Vows
  240. O Hap­py Chris­tian, Who Can Boast
  241. O Hap­py Day, That Fixed My Choice
  242. O In­jured Ma­jes­ty of Hea­ven
  243. O Is­ra­el, Blest Be­yond Com­pare
  244. O Is­ra­el, Thou Art Blest
  245. O Praise Ye the Lord, Pre­pare a New Song
  246. O Right­eous God, Thou Judge Su­preme
  247. O Thou That Hast Re­demp­tion Wrought
  248. O Where Is Sov­er­eign Mer­cy Gone?
  249. O Ye Im­mor­tal Throng
  250. O Zi­on, Tune Thy Voice
  251. Our Ban­ner Is the Eter­nal God
  252. Our Eyes Sal­va­tion See
  253. Our God As­cends His Lof­ty Throne
  254. Our Hea­ven­ly Fa­ther Calls
  255. Our Souls with Pleas­ing Won­der View
  256. Our Souls with Rev­er­ence, Lord, Bow Down
  257. Parent of Un­i­ver­sal Good
  258. Peace, All Ye Sor­rows of the Heart
  259. Peace! ’Tis the Lord Je­ho­vah’s Hand
  260. Perfection! ’Tis an Emp­ty Name
  261. Perpetual Source of Light and Grace
  262. Praise the Lord of Bound­less Might
  263. Praise to Our Shep­herd’s Gra­cious Name
  264. Praise to the Lord of Bound­less Might
  265. Praise to the Lord on High
  266. Praise to the Lord, Whose Migh­ty Hand
  267. Praise to the Ra­diant Source of Bliss
  268. Praise to the Sov­er­eign of the Sky
  269. Praise to Thy Name, Eter­nal God
  270. Present God Is All Our Strength, A
  271. Promises I Sing, The
  272. Raise, Thought­less Sin­ner, Raise Thine Eye
  273. Remark, My Soul, the Nar­row Bounds
  274. Repent, the Voice Ce­les­ti­al Cries
  275. Return, My Rov­ing Heart, Re­turn
  276. Return, My Soul, and Seek Thy Rest
  277. Righteous Lord, Su­preme­ly Great, The
  278. Salvation Doth to God Be­long
  279. Salvation! O Me­lo­di­ous Sound
  280. Satan, the Dire In­vad­er, Came
  281. Savior Di­vine, We Know Thy Name
  282. Savior of Men, and Lord of Love
  283. Searcher of Hearts, Be­fore Thy Face
  284. See How the Lord of Mer­cy Spreads
  285. See Is­ra­el’s Gen­tle Shep­herd Stand
  286. See, the De­struc­tion Is Begun
  287. See the Fair Struc­ture Wis­dom Rears
  288. See the Old Dra­gon from His Throne
  289. Sepulchers, How Thick They Stand, The
  290. Shepherd of Is­ra­el, Bend Thine Ear
  291. Shepherd of Is­ra­el, Thou Dost Keep
  292. Shine Forth, Eter­nal Source of Light
  293. Shine on Our Souls, Eter­nal God
  294. Shout, for the Bat­tle­ments Are Fall­en
  295. Sing, Oh Ye Ran­somed of the Lord
  296. Sing to the Lord a New Me­lo­di­ous Song
  297. Sing to the Lord Above
  298. Sing to the Lord, Who Loud Pro­claims
  299. Sing, Ye Re­deemed of the Lord
  300. So Firm the Saint’s Foun­da­tion Stands
  301. Sovereign of All the Worlds on High
  302. Sovereign of Hea­ven, Thine Em­pire Spreads
  303. Sovereign of Life, Be­fore Thine Eye
  304. Sovereign of Life, I Own Thy Hand
  305. Sovereign of Na­ture, All Is Thine
  306. Spring Up, My Soul, with Ar­dent Flight
  307. Stupendous Grace!
  308. Supreme in Mer­cy, Who Shall Dare
  309. Supreme of Be­ings, with De­light
  310. Swift-De­clin­ing Day, The
  311. These Mor­tal Joys, How Soon They Fade
  312. Thou, Lord, Thro’ Ev­ery Chang­ing Scene
  313. Thou, Migh­ty Lord, Art God Alone
  314. Thou God of Ja­bez, Hear
  315. Thrice Hap­py Souls
  316. Thrice Hap­py State Where Saints Shall Live
  317. Thus Hath the Son of Jes­se Said
  318. Thus Sa­ith Je­ho­vah, from His Seat
  319. Thy Flock, with What a Ten­der Care
  320. Thy Judg­ments Cry Aloud
  321. Thy Pierc­ing Eye, O God, Sur­veys
  322. Thy Pre­sence, Ev­er­last­ing God
  323. ’Tis Mine, the Cov­e­nant of His Grace
  324. To All His Flock, What Won­drous Love
  325. To Thee, Great Ar­chi­tect on High
  326. To Thee, My God, My Days Are Known
  327. To Thee, O God, We Hom­age Pay
  328. Tomorrow, Lord, Is Thine
  329. Transporting Tid­ings, Which We Hear
  330. Tremendous Judge, Be­fore Thy Bar
  331. Triumphant Lord, Thy Good­ness Reigns
  332. Triumphant Zi­on, Lift Thy Head
  333. Ungrateful Sin­ners, Whence This Scorn
  334. Unite, My Rov­ing Thoughts, Unite
  335. Viler Than Dust, O Lord, Are We
  336. Vineyard of the Lord, How Fair, The
  337. Wait on the Lord, Ye Heirs of Hope
  338. We Bless th’Eter­nal Source of Light
  339. We Praise the Lord for Hea­ven­ly Bread
  340. We Sing the Deep, Mys­ter­ious Plan
  341. Weary, and Weak, and Faint
  342. What Bo­som Moved with Pi­ous Zeal
  343. What Dole­ful Ac­cents Do I Hear!
  344. What Haugh­ty Scorn­er, Sa­ith the Lord
  345. What Mys­ter­ies, Lord, in Thee Com­bine
  346. What Ven­er­a­ble Sight Ap­pears?
  347. When at This Dist­ance, Lord, We Trace
  348. While on the Verge of Life I Stand
  349. Whose Words Against the Lord Are Stout?
  350. Why Flow These Tor­rents of Dis­tress?
  351. Why Should Our Mourn­ing Thoughts De­light
  352. Why Will Ye La­vish Out Your Years?
  353. Why Will Ye Waste on Trif­ling Cares?
  354. Wide o’er All Worlds the Sav­ior Reigns
  355. With Ec­sta­sy of Joy
  356. With Hum­ble Plea­sure, Lord, We Trace
  357. With Pi­ty, Lord, Thy Ser­vant View
  358. With Re­ver­end Awe, Tre­men­dous Lord
  359. With Trans­port, Lord, Our Souls Pro­claim
  360. With What De­light I Raise My Eyes
  361. Ye Ar­mies of the Liv­ing God
  362. Ye Bright Im­mor­tal Throng
  363. Ye Gold­en Lamps of Hea­ven, Fare­well
  364. Ye Hearts with Youth­ful Vigor Warm
  365. Ye Hea­vens, with Sound of Tri­umph Ring
  366. Ye Hum­ble Souls, Re­joice
  367. Ye Humb­le Souls That Seek the Lord
  368. Ye Lit­tle Flock Whom Je­sus Feeds
  369. Ye Mourn­ing Saints, Whose Stream­ing Tears
  370. Ye Pris­on­ers, Who in Bond­age Lie
  371. Ye Ser­vants of the Lord
  372. Ye Sin­ners, Bend Your Stub­born Necks
  373. Ye Sin­ners, on Back­slid­ing Bent
  374. Ye Sons of Men, with Joy Re­cord
  375. Ye Sub­jects of the Lord, Pro­claim
  376. Ye Weak In­hab­i­tants of Clay
  377. Yes, Bri­tain Seemed to Ru­in Doomed
  378. Yes, It Is Sweet to Taste His Grace
  379. Yes, the Re­deem­er Rose
  380. Yes, ’Tis the Voice of Love Di­vine