June 26, 1702, London, England.

October 26, 1751, Lisbon, Portugal. Doddridge had gone there to recuperate from exhaustion. He died of tuberculosis.

English Protestant Cemetery (attached to the British Factory), Lisbon, Portugal.


Philip was the son of Dan­i­el and Eliz­a­beth Dod­dridge. His mother was the daughter of John Bau­man, an exiled Bo­he­mi­an clergyman.

Youngest of 20 children, at birth Phil­ip showed so little sign of life that he was laid aside as dead. But one of his attendants, thinking she perceived some motion, or breath, took that necessary care of him, on which, in those tender circumstances, the feeble frame of life depended, which was so near expiring as soon as it was kindled. (Long, p. 128).

Doddridge attended King­ston Grammar School at St. Al­bans, and a nonconformist academy in Kib­worth, Lei­ces­ter­shire. He went on to become one of the dissenting clergy. He was pastor of an independent congregation and tutor of a seminary for dissenting ministers at North­amp­ton from 1739 until his death. He wrote hundreds of hymns to accompany his sermons, but none were published during his lifetime; his friend and biographer Job Or­ton issued them posthumously.

His works include:

  1. Accept, Great God, Thy Britain’s Songs
  2. Alas! For Britain, and Her Sons!
  3. Alas! How Fast Our Moments Fly
  4. All Conquering Faith, How High It Rose
  5. All Hail, Mysterious King!
  6. All Hail, Victorious Savior, Hail!
  7. Aloud I Sing the Wondrous Grace
  8. And Are We Now Brought Near to God
  9. And Art Thou with Us, Gracious Lord?
  10. And Doth the Son of God Complain
  11. And Is Salvation Brought So Near
  12. And Shall We Still Be Slaves?
  13. And Why Do Our Admiring Eyes
  14. And Will th’Eter­nal King
  15. And Will the Majesty of Heaven
  16. Amazing, Beauteous Change!
  17. Amazing Grace of God on High!
  18. Amazing Plan of Sovereign Love!
  19. And Will the Great Eternal God
  20. And Will the Judge Descend?
  21. Approach, Ye Children of Your God
  22. Arise, My Tenderest Thoughts, Arise
  23. Assist Us, Lord, Thy Name to Praise
  24. Attend, Mine Ear
  25. Attend, My Soul, the Voice Divine
  26. Attend, My Soul, with Reverend Awe
  27. Awake, My Drowsy Soul, Awake
  28. Awake, My Soul, Stretch Every Nerve
  29. Awake, My Soul, to Meet the Day
  30. Awake Our Souls, and Bless His Name
  31. Awake, Ye Saints, and Raise Your Eyes
  32. Backsliding Israel, Hear the Voice
  33. Behold God’s Great Incarnate Son
  34. Behold, I Come, the Savior Cries
  35. Behold, O Israel’s God
  36. Behold Our God, He Owns His Name
  37. Behold the Amazing Sight
  38. Behold the Bleeding Lamb of God
  39. Behold the Glass the Gospel Lends
  40. Behold the Gloomy Vale
  41. Behold, the Great Eternal God
  42. Behold, the Great Physician Stands
  43. Behold the Path That Mortals Tread
  44. Behold, the Son of God Appears
  45. Behold the Son of God’s Delight
  46. Behold with Pleasing Ecstasy
  47. Beneath Thy Mighty Hand, O God
  48. Beset with Snares on Every Hand
  49. Blest Be the Lamb, Whose Blood Was Spilt
  50. Blest Jesus, Bow Thine Ear
  51. Blest Jesus, Source of Grace Divine
  52. Blest Jesus While in Mortal Flesh
  53. Blest Savior, to My Heart More Dear
  54. Bridegroom of Souls, How Rich Thy Love!
  55. Bright Source of Intellectual Rays
  56. Captives of Israel, Hear
  57. Come, Holy Spirit, We Entreat
  58. Come, Our Indulgent Savior, Come
  59. Come, Thou Celestial Spirit, Come
  60. Covenant of a Savior’s Love, The
  61. Creatures, Lord, Confess Thy Hand, The
  62. Darkened Sky, How Thick It Lours, The
  63. Day Ap­proach­eth, The
  64. Deluge, at th’Al­mighty’s Call
  65. Descend, Immortal Dove
  66. Do I Not Love Thee, O My Lord?
  67. Eternal and Immortal King
  68. Eternal God! His Name How Great, The
  69. Eternal God, Our Humbled Souls
  70. Eternal God, Our Wondering Souls
  71. Eternal King, Thy Robes Are White
  72. Eternal Source of Every Joy
  73. Eternal Source of Life and Thought
  74. Ever-Living God, The
  75. Exalted Prince of Life, We Own
  76. Father Divine, the Savior Cried
  77. Father Divine, Thy Piercing Eye
  78. Father of Lights, We Sing Thy Name
  79. Father of Men, Thy Care We Bless
  80. Father of Mercies, in Thy House
    • Savior, When to Heav’n He Rose, The
  81. Father of Mercies, Send Thy Grace
  82. Father of Peace, and God of Love
  83. Father of Spirits, from Thy Hand
  84. Flow On, My Tears, in Rising Streams
  85. Fountain of Comfort, and of Love
  86. Fountain of Good, to Own Thy Love
  87. Glorious Lord! His Israel’s Hope, The
  88. Go, Saith the Lord, Proclaim My Grace
  89. God of Eternity, from Thee
  90. God of Manasseh, Wilt Thou Scorn
  91. God of My Life, Through All Its Days
  92. God of My Life, Thy Constant Care
  93. God of Salvation, We Adore
  94. God of the Ocean, at Whose Voice
  95. Grace, ’Tis a Charming Sound
  96. Great Father of Each Perfect Gift
  97. Great Father of Mankind
  98. Great Former of This Various Frame
  99. Great God, Did Pious Abram Pray
  100. Great God of Heaven and Nature, Rise
  101. Great God of Hosts, Attend Our Prayer
  102. Great God, We Sing That Mighty Hand
  103. Great Jehovah! Who Shall Dare, The
  104. Great Leader of Thine Is­ra­el’s Host
  105. Great Lord of Angels, We Adore
  106. Great Object of Thine Is­ra­el’s Hope
  107. Great Ruler of All Nature’s Frame
  108. Great Source of Being and of Love
  109. Great Source of Life, Our Souls Confess
  110. Great Sovereign of the Human Heart
  111. Great Spirit of Immortal Love
  112. Great Teacher of Thy Church, We Own
  113. Guardian of Israel, Source of Peace
  114. Hail, Everlasting Prince of Peace
  115. Hail, Everlasting Spring
  116. Hail, Gracious Savior, All Divine!
  117. Hail Progeny Divine!
  118. Hail to Emmanuel’s Ever Honored Name!
  119. Hail to the Prince of Life and Peace
  120. Hark! For the Great Creator Speaks
  121. Hark! For ’Tis God’s Own Son That Calls
  122. Hark! For ’Tis Wisdom’s Voice
  123. Hark, the Glad Sound!
  124. Hark! ’Tis Our Heav’nly Leader’s Voice
  125. He Comes, the Royal Conqueror Comes
  126. He Comes—Thy God, O Israel, Comes
  127. Hear, Gracious Sovereign, from Thy Throne
  128. Hearken, Ye Children of Your God
  129. Heaven Has Confirmed the Great Decree
  130. Henceforth Let Each Believing Heart
  131. High Let Us Swell Our Tuneful Notes
  132. House of Our God
  133. How Free the Fountain Flows
  134. How Gentle God’s Commands
  135. How Glorious, Lord, Art Thou!
  136. How Gracious and How Wise
  137. How Keen the Tempter’s Malice Is
  138. How Long Shall Dreams of Creature Bliss
  139. How Rich Thy Bounty, King of Kings!
  140. How Rich Thy Favors, God of Grace
  141. How Swift the Torrent Rolls
  142. I Am Thy God, Jehovah Said
  143. I Own, M God, Thy Sovereign Grace
  144. Immense, Eternal God!
  145. Immortal God, on Thee We Call
  146. In Glad Amazement, Lord, I Stand
  147. In One Harmonious Cheerful Song
  148. In Raptures Let Our Hearts Ascend
  149. In Thy Rebukes, All Gracious God
  150. In What Confusion Earth Appears!
  151. Indulgent God, with Pitying Eye
  152. Indulgent Lord, Thy Goodness Reigns
  153. Indulgent Sovereign of the Skies
  154. Inquire, Ye Pilgrims, for the Way
  155. Interval of Grateful Shade
  156. Is There a Sight in Earth or Heaven
  157. Israel, Thy Tribute Bring
  158. It Is My Father’s Voice
  159. It Is the Lord of Glory Calls
  160. Jehovah, ’Tis a Glorious Name
  161. Jesus, I Love Thy Charming Name
  162. Jesus, I Sing Thy Matchless Grace
  163. Jesus, Mine Advocate Above
  164. Jesus, My Lord, How Rich Thy Grace!
  165. Jesus, Our Soul’s Delightful Choice
  166. Jesus, the Lord, Our Souls Adore
  167. Jesus, We Own Thy Saving Power
  168. Jesus, We Own Thy Sovereign Hand
  169. King of Heav’n His Table Spreads, The
  170. Legions of Foes Beset Me Round
  171. Let Heaven Burst Forth into Song
  172. Let Jacob to His Maker Sing
  173. Let the High Heav’ns Your Songs Invite
  174. Let Zion’s Watchmen All Awake
  175. Lift Up, Ye Saints, Your Weeping Eyes
  176. Listen, Ye Hills—Ye Mountains, Hear
  177. Look Back, My Soul, with Grateful Love
  178. Look Down, O Lord
  179. Lord, from His Exalted Throne, The
  180. Lord, How Kind Are All His Ways, The
  181. Lord, How Rich His Comforts Are!
  182. Lord into His Vineyard Comes, The
  183. Lord Jehovah Calls, The
  184. Lord of Life Exalted Stands, The
  185. Lord of Glory Reigns Supremely Great, The
  186. Lord of the Sabbath, Hear Our Vows
  187. Lord of the Vineyard, We Adore
  188. Lord on Mortal Worms Looks Down, The
  189. Lord, Our Lord, How Rich His Grace, The
  190. Lord, Dost Thou Show a Cornerstone
  191. Lord, We Adore Thy Wondrous Name
  192. Lord, We Have Broke Thy Holy Laws
  193. Lord, We Have Wandered from the Way
  194. Lord, When Iniquities Abound
  195. Lord, When Thine Israel We Survey
  196. Lord, When Thy Hand Is Lifted Up
  197. Lord with Pleasure Views His Saints
  198. Loud Be Thy Name Adored
  199. Loud Let the Tuneful Trumpet Sound
  200. Loud to the Prince of Heaven
  201. Mark the Soft-Falling Snow
  202. Mine Inward Joys, Suppressed Too Long
  203. My God, and Is Thy Table Spread?
  204. My God, Assist Me While I Raise
  205. My God, the Covenant of Thy Love
  206. My God, Thy Service Well Demands
  207. My God, What Silken Cords Are Thine!
  208. My God, Whose All Pervading Eye
  209. My Gracious Lord, I Own Thy Right
  210. My Helper, God! I Bless His Name
  211. My Jesus, While in Mortal Flesh
  212. My Lord, Didst Thou Endure Such Smart?
  213. My Savior, Didst Thou Die for Me?
  214. My Savior, I Am Thine
  215. My Savior, Let Me Hear Thy Voice
  216. My Sins, Alas! How Foul the Stains
  217. My Soul, Review the Trembling Days
  218. My Soul, the Awful Hour Will Come
  219. My Soul, Triumphant in the Lord
  220. My Soul, with All Thy Waked Powers
  221. My Soul, with Joy Attend
  222. My Various Powers, Awake
  223. My Wakened Soul, Extend Thy Wings
  224. Not Many Years Their Rounds Shall Roll
  225. Now Be That Sacrifice Surveyed
  226. Now Let Our Songs Address the God of Peace
  227. Now Let a True Ambition Rise
  228. Now Let My Soul with Transport Rise
  229. Now Let Our Cheerful Eyes Survey
  230. Now Let Our Mourning Hearts Revive
  231. Now Let Our Sons Acclaim Abroad
  232. Now Let Our Voices Join
  233. Now Let the Feeble All Be Strong
  234. Now Let the Gates of Zion Sing
  235. Now Let the Listening World Around
  236. Now Let the Sons of Belial Hear
  237. Now to That Sovereign Grace
  238. O God of Bethel, by Whose Hand
  239. O God of Sabbath, Hear Our Vows
  240. O Happy Christian, Who Can Boast
  241. O Happy Day, That Fixed My Choice
  242. O Injured Majesty of Heaven
  243. O Israel, Blest Beyond Compare
  244. O Israel, Thou Art Blest
  245. O Praise Ye the Lord, Prepare a New Song
  246. O Righteous God, Thou Judge Supreme
  247. O Thou That Hast Redemption Wrought
  248. O Where Is Sovereign Mercy Gone?
  249. O Ye Immortal Throng
  250. O Zion, Tune Thy Voice
  251. Our Banner Is the Eternal God
  252. Our Eyes Salvation See
  253. Our God Ascends His Lofty Throne
  254. Our Heavenly Father Calls
  255. Our Souls with Pleasing Wonder View
  256. Our Souls with Reverence, Lord, Bow Down
  257. Parent of Universal Good
  258. Peace, All Ye Sorrows of the Heart
  259. Peace! ’Tis the Lord Jehovah’s Hand
  260. Perfection! ’Tis an Empty Name
  261. Perpetual Source of Light and Grace
  262. Praise the Lord of Boundless Might
  263. Praise to Our Shepherd’s Gracious Name
  264. Praise to the Lord of Boundless Might
  265. Praise to the Lord on High
  266. Praise to the Lord, Whose Mighty Hand
  267. Praise to the Radiant Source of Bliss
  268. Praise to the Sovereign of the Sky
  269. Praise to Thy Name, Eternal God
  270. Present God Is All Our Strength, A
  271. Promises I Sing, The
  272. Raise, Thoughtless Sinner, Raise Thine Eye
  273. Remark, My Soul, the Narrow Bounds
  274. Repent, the Voice Celestial Cries
  275. Return, My Roving Heart, Return
  276. Return, My Soul, and Seek Thy Rest
  277. Righteous Lord, Supremely Great, The
  278. Salvation Doth to God Belong
  279. Salvation! O Melodious Sound
  280. Satan, the Dire Invader, Came
  281. Savior Divine, We Know Thy Name
  282. Savior of Men, and Lord of Love
  283. Searcher of Hearts, Before Thy Face
  284. See How the Lord of Mercy Spreads
  285. See Israel’s Gentle Shepherd Stand
  286. See, the Destruction Is Begun
  287. See the Fair Structure Wisdom Rears
  288. See the Old Dragon from His Throne
  289. Sepulchers, How Thick They Stand, The
  290. Shepherd of Israel, Bend Thine Ear
  291. Shepherd of Israel, Thou Dost Keep
  292. Shine Forth, Eternal Source of Light
  293. Shine on Our Souls, Eternal God
  294. Shout for the Battlements Are Fallen
  295. Sing, Oh Ye Ransomed of the Lord
  296. Sing to the Lord a New Melodious Song
  297. Sing to the Lord Above
  298. Sing to the Lord, Who Loud Proclaims
  299. Sing, Ye Redeemed of the Lord
  300. So Firm the Saint’s Foundation Stands
  301. Sovereign of All the Worlds on High
  302. Sovereign of Heaven, Thine Empire Spreads
  303. Sovereign of Life, Before Thine Eye
  304. Sovereign of Life, I Own Thy Hand
  305. Sovereign of Nature, All Is Thine
  306. Spring Up, My Soul, with Ardent Flight
  307. Stupendous Grace!
  308. Supreme in Mercy, Who Shall Dare
  309. Supreme of Beings, with Delight
  310. Swift-Declining Day, The
  311. These Mortal Joys, How Soon They Fade
  312. Thou, Lord, Thro’ Every Changing Scene
  313. Thou, Mighty Lord, Art God Alone
  314. Thou God of Ja­bez, Hear
  315. Thrice Happy Souls
  316. Thrice Happy State Where Saints Shall Live
  317. Thus Hath the Son of Jesse Said
  318. Thus Saith Jehovah, from His Seat
  319. Thy Flock, with What a Tender Care
  320. Thy Judgments Cry Aloud
  321. Thy Piercing Eye, O God, Surveys
  322. Thy Presence, Everlasting God
  323. ’Tis Mine, the Covenant of His Grace
  324. To All His Flock, What Wondrous Love
  325. To Thee, Great Architect on High
  326. To Thee, My God, My Days Are Known
  327. To Thee, O God, We Homage Pay
  328. Tomorrow, Lord, Is Thine
  329. Transporting Tidings, Which We Hear
  330. Tremendous Judge, Before Thy Bar
  331. Triumphant Lord, Thy Goodness Reigns
  332. Triumphant Zion, Lift Thy Head
  333. Ungrateful Sinners, Whence This Scorn
  334. Unite, My Roving Thoughts, Unite
  335. Viler Than Dust, O Lord, Are We
  336. Vineyard of the Lord, How Fair, The
  337. Wait on the Lord, Ye Heirs of Hope
  338. We Bless th’Eternal Source of Light
  339. We Praise the Lord for Heavenly Bread
  340. We Sing the Deep, Mysterious Plan
  341. Weary, and Weak, and Faint
  342. What Bosom Moved with Pious Zeal
  343. What Doleful Accents Do I Hear!
  344. What Haughty Scorner, Saith the Lord
  345. What Mysteries, Lord, in Thee Combine
  346. What Venerable Sight Appears?
  347. When at This Distance, Lord, We Trace
  348. While on the Verge of Life I Stand
  349. Whose Words Against the Lord Are Stout?
  350. Why Flow These Torrents of Distress?
  351. Why Should Our Mourning Thoughts Delight
  352. Why Will Ye Lavish Out Your Years?
  353. Why Will Ye Waste on Trifling Cares?
  354. Wide o’er All Worlds the Savior Reigns
  355. With Ecstasy of Joy
  356. With Humble Pleasure, Lord, We Trace
  357. With Pity, Lord, Thy Servant View
  358. With Reverend Awe, Tremendous Lord
  359. With Transport, Lord, Our Souls Proclaim
  360. With What Delight I Raise My Eyes
  361. Ye Armies of the Living God
  362. Ye Bright Immortal Throng
  363. Ye Golden Lamps of Heaven, Farewell
  364. Ye Hearts with Youthful Vigor Warm
  365. Ye Heavens, with Sound of Triumph Ring
  366. Ye Humble Souls Rejoice
  367. Ye Humble Souls That Seek the Lord
  368. Ye Little Flock Whom Jesus Feeds
  369. Ye Mourning Saints, Whose Streaming Tears
  370. Ye Prisoners, Who in Bondage Lie
  371. Ye Servants of the Lord
  372. Ye Sinners, Bend Your Stubborn Necks
  373. Ye Sinners, on Backsliding Bent
  374. Ye Sons of Men, with Joy Record
  375. Ye Subjects of the Lord, Proclaim
  376. Ye Weak Inhabitants of Clay
  377. Yes, Britain Seemed to Ruin Doomed
  378. Yes, It Is Sweet to Taste His Grace
  379. Yes, the Redeemer Rose
  380. Yes, ’Tis the Voice of Love Divine