Ap­ril 9, 1713, Ku­ne­wald (near Ful­neck), Mo­ra­via.

De­cem­ber 12, 1739, Ma­rien­born, Hess­en-Darm­stadt, Ger­ma­ny.

Dober went to Herrn­hut in 1725, and in 1730 joined her friend An­na Nitsch­mann in form­ing the Jung­frau­en­bund of the un­mar­ried sis­ters at Herrn­hut.

On Ju­ly 13, 1737, she mar­ried L. J. Do­ber (then Gen­er­al El­der of the Mo­ra­vi­an Church, con­se­crat­ed bi­shop in 1742), and went on to as­sist his ef­forts to con­vert Jews in Am­ster­dam.

  1. Du heil­ig­es Kind
    • Blessed Lord, Who Thee Re­ceive
    • Child Born With­out Sin
    • Father, They Who Thee Re­ceive
    • Holy Lamb, Who Thee Re­ceive
    • Holy Lord, Who Thee Re­ceive
    • Lamb of God, We Thee Re­ceive
  2. Süsser Hei­land dein­er Gna­de
    • Far Great­er Than One Thought or Could Sup­pose