April 9, 1713, Kunewald (near Fulneck), Moravia.

December 12, 1739, Marienborn, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany.

Dober went to Herrnhut in 1725, and in 1730 joined her friend Anna Nitschmann in forming the Jungfrauenbund of the unmarried sisters at Herrnhut. On July 13, 1737, she married L. J. Dober (then General Elder of the Moravian Church, consecrated bishop in 1742), and went on to assist with his efforts to convert Jews in Amsterdam.

  1. Du heiliges Kind
    • Blessed Lord, Who Thee Receive
    • Child born Without Sin
    • Father, They Who Thee Receive
    • Holy Lamb, Who Thee Receive
    • Holy Lord, Who Thee Receive
    • Lamb of God, We Thee Receive
  2. Süsser Heiland deiner Gnade
    • Far Greater Than One Thought or Could Suppose