May 1840, Poole, Dorset, England.

Dobell was a port-gauger under the Board of Excise in Poole. His works include:

  1. Ah, Little Sojourner Below
  2. Behold a Sinner, Dearest Lord
  3. Behold What Condescending Love
  4. Can Reason Comprehend a God?
  5. Christ Is the Way to Heavenly Bliss
  6. Christians, Behold Our Deep Distress
  7. Come, Dearest Lord
  8. Fear Not, Ye Little Chosen Flock
  9. God Hath Bereaved Me of My Child
  10. Great Ruler of the Earth and Skies
  11. Great God, to Thee, with Cheerful Songs
  12. Great Sun of Righteousness, Arise
  13. Hark! How the Gospel Trumpet Sounds!
  14. How Did the Pious Abram Pray
  15. How Pleasing Is the Sight, to See
  16. In Sharon’s Lovely Rose
  17. In the Dark Night, When Much Distressed
  18. Inquiring Souls, Who Long to Find
  19. Lord, at Thy Feet I Prostrate Fall
  20. Lord, When We Cast Our Eyes Abroad
  21. Now Is the Accepted Time
  22. O Happy Souls, Who Dwell Above
  23. O Praise the Lord, Ye Saints
  24. Since, Lord, Thy Mighty Grace Did Call
  25. Sinners, Behold That Downward Road
  26. Sweet Fruits Afflictions Bring
  27. The Lord Hath Heard His People’s Cries
  28. The Savior, with Inviting Voice
  29. Thou, Who Didst Form the Rolling Spheres
  30. We Now, O Thou Eternal God
  31. While Here on Earth I’m Called to Stay
  32. Why, Mourning Soul, Why Flow These Tears?
  33. Ye Burdened Souls, to Jesus Come
  34. Ye That Fear the Lord, Attend
  35. You Burdened Souls, to Jesus Go