March 2, 1832, Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

May 17, 1913, Albany, New York.

Cathedral of All Saints (east ambulatory), Albany, New York.


Doane attended Burlington College, New Jersey, founded by his father, hymnist George W. Doane (BA 1850, MA 1852). He became an Episcopal deacon in 1853, and priest in 1856. He served as Rector in St. Mary’s Church, Burlington, New Jersey, and Albany, New York. He received an MA degree from Trinity College, in 1863, and went on to serve at St. John’s Church, Hartford, Con­nec­ti­cut (1863–67), and St. Peter’s, Albany, New York (1867–69). In 1869, he became Bishop of Albany, New York. He received honorary degrees from both Oxford and Cambridge. His works include poems and a biography of his father.

  1. Ancient of Days
  2. O Holy Father, Who Hast Led Thy Children
  3. To Thee, O Father, Throned on High
  4. We Come Not with a Costly Store