May 27, 1799, Tren­ton, New Jer­sey. He was named af­ter Amer­i­can pre­si­dent George Wash­ing­ton, be­cause he was born the year Wash­ing­ton died.

Ap­ril, 1859, Bur­ling­ton, New Jer­sey.

St. Ma­ry’s Epis­co­pal Church, Bur­ling­ton, New Jer­sey.


After graduating from Union College (BA 1818), studied law for a while in New York City, but soon became interested in theology. In 1821, he was ordained a deacon and became assistant rector at Trinity Church in New York, where he was ordained a priest two years later. He went on to become professor of rhetoric and belles-lettres at Trinity College, Hartford, Con­nec­ti­cut; assistant rector at Trinity Church, Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts (1828), and rector (1830) (hymnist Phillips Brooks pastored there later); and Episcopal bishop of New Jersey (1832). Doane also helped found Burlington College and St. Mary’s Hall Doane Academy in Burlington, New Jersey. His works in­clude:

  1. Belovèd, It Is Well!
  2. Brightness of the Father’s Glory
  3. Broken-Hearted, Weep No More
  4. Child That Kneelest Meekly Here
  5. Father of Mercies, Hear
  6. Fling Out the Banner
  7. Grant Me, Lord, Thy Graces Three
  8. He Came Not with His Heavenly Crown
  9. Lift Not Thou the Wailing Voice
  10. Lord, Should We Leave Thy Hallowed Feet
  11. Once More, O Lord, Thy Sign
  12. Perfect Through Suffering May It Be
  13. Return and Come to God
  14. Softly Now the Light of Day
  15. Thou Art the Way
  16. To Thee, O Lord, with Dawning Light
  17. When Darkness Once at God’s Command
  18. Yes, It Is a Faithful Saying
  19. Young and Happy While Thou Art