September 14, 1930, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Doan was educated at Harvard University (BA 1942); Lutheran Theological Seminary (BD 1955); the University of Pennsylvania (MA 1962, though he returned it to the school to protest their policies); and Wagner College (DD, late 1970s). He served as a campus pastor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1955–61); Northeastern Director of the National Lutheran Campus Ministry; and pastor of the Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion, Philadelphia (1984–95). His works include:

  1. Come, Let Us Eat
  2. O Lord, Throughout These Forty Days
  1. All Glory Be to God on High
  2. I Leave, as You Promised, Lord
  3. I Trust, O Christ, in You Alone
  4. Jerusalem, Whose Towers Touch the Skies
  5. Lord, as a Pilgrim
  6. O Christ, Our Light, O Radiance True
  7. O Savior of Our Fallen Race

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