June 14, 1837, Bristol, England.

September 9, 1898, Cheddar, Axbridge, Somerset, England.

St. Andrew’s Church, Cheddar, Somerset, England.


Dix’ father, a surgeon, wrote a biography of poet Tho­mas Chat­ter­ton, and gave his son his middle name in his honor.

Will­iam attended the Bris­tol Grammar School. Later, he managed a marine insurance company in Glas­gow, Scot­land, but his heart was in the poetry of worship. He wrote more than 40 hymns over the course of his life. His works include:

  1. Alleluia! Sing to Jesus!
  2. As with Gladness, Men of Old
  3. Beauteous Are the Flowers of Earth
  4. Christians, Carol Sweetly
  5. Come unto Me, Ye Weary
  6. Cross Is on Thy Brow, The
  7. Easter Stanzas
  8. God Cometh, Let the Heart Prepare
  9. How Long, O Lord, How Long, We Ask
  10. In Our Work and in Our Play
  11. In the Hollow of Thine Hand
  12. Jesu, Sion’s King, We Greet Thee
  13. Joy Fills Our Inmost Hearts Today!
  14. Lift Up Your Songs, Ye Angel Choirs
  15. Lift Up Your Songs, Ye Thankful
  16. Like Silver Lamps in a Distant Shrine
  17. Now in Numbers Softly Flowing
  18. Now, My Soul, Rehearse the Story
  19. Now, O Father, We Adore Thee
  20. O Christ, Thou Son of Mary
  21. O Cross Which Only Canst Allay
  22. O Thou, the Eternal Son of God
  23. On the Waters Dark and Drear
  24. Only One Prayer Today
  25. Sitting at Receipt of Custom
  26. Song of the First Christmas Night, A
  27. Stars Above Our Head, The
  28. To Thee, O Lord, Our Hearts We Raise
  29. Way of Sorrows, The
  30. What Child Is This?
  31. When the Shades of Night Are Falling
  32. Within the Temple’s Hallowed Courts
  1. As Those Who Seek the Break of Day
  2. Bend to Our Hymns, Redeemer
  3. Wonder Working Master, The

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