March 30, 1828, Stra­done, Coun­ty Ca­van, Ire­land.

June 17, 1903, To­ron­to, Ca­na­da.


Edwardt was the son of James Dew­art and Mar­ga­ret Har­tley, and hus­band of Dor­o­thy Ma­til­da Hunt.

He arrived in Canada around 1834. Ordained a Methodist minister in 1855, he edited the Me­tho­dist news­pa­per, the To­ron­to Chris­tian Guar­di­an (1869–94), and earned a DD degree from Vic­tor­ia Un­i­ver­si­ty, Toronto, in 1879. His works in­clude:

  1. Father Supreme, by Whom We Live
  2. O Thou Who Hast in Every Age
  3. Out on Life’s Dark Heaving Ocean