Wolfgang Christoph Deßler

February 11, 1660, Nuremberg, Germany.

March 11, 1722, Nuremberg, Germany.

Son of jeweler Nicolaus Dessler, Wolfgang studied theology at the University of Altdorf, though he was unable to complete his degree there. Upon return to Nürnberg, he supported himself as a proofreader, worked as an amanuensis for Erasmus Finx (or Francisci), and translated many religious works into German. In 1705, he was appointed Conrector of the School of the Holy Ghost in Nuremberg, until resigning due to paralysis in 1720. His works include:

  1. Frisch, frisch hinnach, mein Geist und Herz
  2. Ich lass dich nicht, du musst mein Jesus bleiben
    • I Leave Thee Not
    • I Will Not Let Thee Go
  3. Mein Jesu dem die Seraphinen
    • Into Thy Gracious Hands I Fall
    • Jesus, Whose Glory’s Streaming Rays
    • My Jesus, if the Seraphim
    • My Jesus, Whom the Seraph Host
    • My Savior, Whom in Heavenly Places
    • O Jesu! ’Fore Whose Radiation
    • O Jesu, Lord, Enthroned in Glory
  4. Öffne mir die Perlenpforten
    • Now the Pearly Gates Unfold
  5. Wie wohl ist mir, O Freund der Seelen