July 25, 1826, Bloxwich, Staffordshire, England.

July 16, 1921, Woodbine, Iowa.

Woodbine Cemetery, Woodbine, Iowa.


Derry emigrated to America with his family in 1854, where he united with the Reorganized Church on March 3, 1861. That same day he was ordained an elder; August 3, 1861, a seventy; April 8, 1965, an apostle, serving in that office five years; president of the High Priests’ Quorum (1874-1901); a High Councilor (1890-1903); an evangelical minister, June 8, 1902, which office he held until his death. On December 6, 1862, he was sent to England as a missionary and was abroad two years.

  1. Bereaved Friends, Weep Not for Him
  2. Dear Lord, Accept the Gifts We Bring
  3. Death Is the Heritage of Man
  4. Father, from Heaven Thy Dwelling Place
  5. Father, It Is Thy Great Decree
  6. Great God, on These Now Deign to Smile
  7. Hail, Sacred Sabbath, Day of Rest
  8. Let Earth Attend, All Nations Hear
  9. Look, Ye Nations, Gaze and Wonder
  10. Lord, May Our Hearts Be Tuned
  11. Mystical Body of Christ Is Now Come, The
  12. O Lord, Around Thine Altar Now
  13. Shall the Righteous Dead Arise
  14. That We May Know Thy Will Supreme
  15. There Is a Life Beyond the Tomb
  16. This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made
  17. ’Tis Faith Prepares Our Hearts to See
  18. We Hear Thy Voice, Our Father
  19. We Thank Thee, God of All the Earth
  20. What Shall I Do to Please My Lord?
  21. Will Water Cleanse Me from All Sin?

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