October 8, 1866, Lebanon, Missouri.

November 5, 1945, Erick, Oklahoma.

Erick Cemetery, Erick, Oklahoma.


Oldest child of Jasper Dennis and Caroline Roper Dennis, John married Susan Elizabeth Lowrance (1864–1952), daughter of Dr. Sam Stias Lowrance of Lebanon, Missouri, in 1886.

Dennis became interested in music early in life, and had his first lessons at a singing school White Oak Pond, Missouri, taught by J. E. Frazier in July, 1884. By 1887, he was teaching his first singing school in Competition, Missouri, and continued to teach for two years in Missouri and Kansas. Dennis began composing shortly thereafter, with one of first songs being Saved to Serve in 1901. Anthony Showalter is quoted as saying of him, He is the leading teacher in the Great Southwest. He has no superiors, and few equals.

In 1895, Dennis and his family moved to Decatur, Texas, and the same year he attended a session of Anthony Showalter’s Southern Normal Music Institute (SNMI) in nearby Alvord, Texas. Dennis graduated from the SNMI in Childress, Texas, in 1900, then took a post-graduate course the same year in Alvord. He continued his musical work, associated with Horatio Palmer, Anthony Showalter, G. H. Showalter and Rufus H. Cornelius. He was involved in publishing a number of song books, including Home Gospel Songs No. I and No. II, the proceeds from which went to support an orphanage in Tipton, Oklahoma.

In 1905 Dennis and his family moved to the Delhi Community in Indian Territory, near Sayre, Oklahoma, where he bought 80 acres and resumed farming.

  1. Beautiful Homeland
  2. Daily I’m Singing, Savior, of Thee
  3. Glimpse of Home Comes Back to Me, A
  4. I Can See My Dear Lord
  5. Rest in the Arms of My Savior
  6. Walking in Gospel Light
  7. When Jesus Calls Me to Come Home
  8. When My Labors Are O’er
  1. I’ll Be a Friend to Jesus
  2. Old Story, The
  3. San Luis Obispo
  4. Work for the Lord Today
  5. Yes, We’ll Meet

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