Late 19th Century

We have little data on this author. We speculate he is Thomas Webster Dennington (1856-1937), who is buried in Decatur Cemetery, Decatur, Georgia.

  1. Come to Jesus
  2. Come to the Savior
  3. Come Work Today
  4. Father, I’m Lonely, Sad and Oppressed
  5. Go Work in the Vineyard
  6. Harvest, The
  7. I Come to Thee for Living Bread
  8. I Have Wondered Oft if the Lord Could Save Me
  9. O Who Will Be Ready to Go?
  10. Praise the Lord, O Praise
  11. Rejoice with Me, for I Am Free
  12. Sparkling in the Sunlight
  13. Steer Straight to the Light-House
  14. We Are Marching to That Stream
  15. What a Wealth of Roses
  16. When the Message Was Delivered
  17. While Jesus Is Near
  18. Who Will Come?
  19. Work Today for Jesus