Late 19th Century

We have little data on Denison, except that he was a minister.

  1. All Worldly Wealth Compared with Thee
  2. Almighty Sovereign, Just and Wise
  3. Away, Away the Poisoned Chalice
  4. Battle Song
  5. Bethesda Is Open
  6. Bright City of Beauty
  7. Brother, Thou Hast Passed the River
  8. Clouds May Gather Thick Above
  9. Eternal God, Thy Holy Hand
  10. Forward, Brave Men, to the Battle
  11. He Lives, Proclaim the Tidings
  12. Hear, O Hear the Grand Decree
  13. I Cross the Ever Surging Sea
  14. Land Our Fathers Gave, The
  15. Lo on Gennesaret
  16. Loved Land That Our Fathers
  17. My Faith Beholds the Jewel Walls
  18. O Lord, Our Fathers’ King
  19. O Thou Enthroned Above the Skies
  20. On the Rock Eternal Standing
  21. On the Stormy Billows
  22. Our Father and Our God
  23. Our Sacred Strings Shall Sound
  24. Rebellion Rose Against God’s Throne
  25. Today, with Songs, We Come
  26. Water of Life Is Still Flowing, The
  27. Whosoever Believeth
  28. Wild the Storm Wind, Dark the Night
  29. Whosoever Believeth
  30. Yes, Full the Fount of Mercy Flows