Mrs. Agnew Demarest

December 31, 1889, Paris, France.

April 1982, Pinellas County, Florida.

Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky.


Victoria was the granddaughter of Sal­va­tion Army founder William Booth, daughter of Catherine Booth-Clibborn, and wife of Cornelius Agnew Demarest (1882–1959). She conducted revival meetings in 1919 in a Methodist church in St. John’s, Newfoundland. 2,000 are said to have come to Christ in this crusade. She began the America for God Crusade in 1934, founded the World Association of Mothers for Peace in 1946, and was ordained a Con­gre­ga­tion­al minister in 1949. Her works in­clude:

  1. Dark the Night and Fierce the Storm
  2. Down Through the Ages Comes the Noble Cry
  3. Even Now Though Deep in Sin
  4. Fair City of Peace and Joy
  5. For God Is Our Battle Cry
  6. God of Our Sal­va­tion
  7. I Need Thee Sadly, Sadly, Lord
  8. In the Struggle of Life
  9. Jesus, I Come to Thee
  10. Jesus, My Lord, I Love Thy Grace to Worship
  11. Jesus, Thy Love and Light
  12. Let Go and Let God Have His Own Way
  13. Lo! The Savior Is Here
  14. Looking to Jesus We Run the Race
  15. Stand on the Word
  16. There Is a Place, a Hallowed Place
  17. This Our World Is Crushed and Smitten
  18. When Fingers Cling
  19. When in the Night My Spirit Cried to Jesus
  20. When Weary I Cried to My Savior
  21. Work Out Your Own Sal­va­tion with Fear
  1. At Rest
  2. In Sore Distress and Sorrow
  3. O Hear the Cry
  4. Often Had I Heard the Story
  5. Sanibel Island
  6. What My Soul Seeks