Mrs. Agnew Demarest

De­cem­ber 31, 1889, Pa­ris, France.

Ap­ril 1982, Pi­nel­las Coun­ty, Flo­ri­da.

Cave Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Lou­is­ville, Ken­tuc­ky.


Victoria was the grand­daught­er of Sal­va­tion Ar­my foun­der Will­iam Booth, daugh­ter of Ca­the­rine Booth-Clib­born, and wife of Cor­ne­li­us Ag­new De­ma­rest (1882–1959).

She con­duct­ed re­vi­val meet­ings in 1919 in a Me­tho­dist church in St. John’s, New­found­land. 2,000 are said to have come to Christ in this cru­sade. She be­gan the Am­er­i­ca for God Cru­sade in 1934, found­ed the World As­so­ci­a­tion of Mo­thers for Peace in 1946, and was or­dained a Con­gre­ga­tion­al min­is­ter in 1949.

Her works in­clude:

  1. Dark the Night and Fierce the Storm
  2. Down Through the Ag­es Comes the No­ble Cry
  3. Even Now Though Deep in Sin
  4. Fair Ci­ty of Peace and Joy
  5. For God Is Our Bat­tle Cry
  6. God of Our Sal­va­tion
  7. I Need Thee Sad­ly, Sad­ly, Lord
  8. In the Strug­gle of Life
  9. Jesus, I Come to Thee
  10. Jesus, My Lord, I Love Thy Grace to Wor­ship
  11. Jesus, Thy Love and Light
  12. Let Go and Let God Have His Own Way
  13. Lo! The Sav­ior Is Here
  14. Looking to Je­sus We Run the Race
  15. Stand on the Word
  16. There Is a Place, a Hal­lowed Place
  17. This Our World Is Crushed and Smit­ten
  18. When Fing­ers Cling
  19. When in the Night My Spir­it Cried to Je­sus
  20. When Wea­ry I Cried to My Sav­ior
  21. Work Out Your Own Sal­va­tion with Fear
  1. At Rest
  2. In Sore Dis­tress and Sor­row
  3. O Hear the Cry
  4. Often Had I Heard the Sto­ry
  5. Sanibel Is­land
  6. What My Soul Seeks