De los San­tos helped com­pile se­ver­al col­lect­ions, in­clud­ing Can­tos Bíb­li­cos, a hym­nal used in Mex­i­co for de­cades. He trans­lat­ed over a thou­sand hymns, as well as writ­ing orig­in­al lyr­ics.

The 1880 cen­sus shows de los San­tos in Cor­pus Chris­ti, Tex­as. The 1901 report of Am­er­i­can Tract So­ci­e­ty lists him in Bee­ville, Tex­as. The 1920 census has him in Har­ris Coun­ty, Tex­as.

  1. Con Al­ma y Voz Te Al­a­ba­ré
  2. De Su Al­to So­lio Ce­les­tial
  3. Gracias Dad a Je­su­cris­to
  4. Yo Soy Pe­re­gri­no