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1743, Ireland.

1803, probably in Shrews­bu­ry, Shrop­shire, En­gland.

De Cour­cy was edu­cat­ed at Trin­i­ty Col­lege, Du­blin. Hav­ing re­ceived Dea­con’s Or­ders, he be­came Cur­ate to Wal­ter Shir­ley in 1767.

How­ev­er, his the­ol­o­gy be­ing ob­nox­ious to Dr. Smythe, Arch­bish­op of Dub­lin, he was re­fused Priest’s Or­ders and pre­vent­ed from preach­ing.

These cir­cum­stanc­es led to his be­ing in­vit­ed by La­dy Hunt­ing­don to Eng­land, and his join­ing her band of preach­ers. Af­ter some time, through Lady Hunt­ing­don’s in­flu­ence, he re­ceived Priest’s Or­ders from the Bi­shop of Lich­field.

In 1770 he be­came Cur­ate of Shaw­bu­ry, Shrop­shire, and in 1774 Vi­car of St. Alk­mond’s, Shrews­bu­ry (where he stayed the rest his life).

His the­o­lo­gic­al views, work, and other mat­ters con­cern­ing him, are dwelt up­on with some de­tail in the Life and Times of the Count­ess of Hunt­ing­don, 1839.

De Cour­cy’s works in­clude:

The hymns in De Cour­cy’s Col­lec­tion were all pub­lished anon­y­mous­ly. Some have been traced to ear­lier hymn books; others include:

  1. Angels Who the Throne Sur­round
  2. Come, Ye Wea­ry Souls Op­pressed
  3. Hark! From Hea­ven a Voice I Hear
  4. Jesus the Saint’s Per­pe­tu­al Theme
  5. Lord, I Thank Thee for Thy Grace
  6. Mount, My Soul, to Things Above