November 1, 1802, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.

August 14, 1884, Motueka, New Zealand.

Pioneer Park, Motueka, New Zealand.


Oldest son of John Deck of Bury St. Edmunds, James was educated for the army, and became an officer in the Indian service. Retiring from the army, and having joined the Plymouth Brethren, he undertook, in 1843, the charge of a congregation of that body at Wellington, Somerset. In 1852, he went abroad and settled in New Zealand. His sister was hymnist Mary Walker. His hymns were published in:

  1. Abba, Father! We Approach Thee
  2. Again We Meet in Jesus’ Name
  3. Behold Yon Bright and Countless Throng
  4. Day of Glory, Bearing, The
  5. Father, to Seek Thy Face
  6. Great Captain of Salvation
  7. How Long, O Lord?
  8. In Hope We Lift Our Wishful, Longing Eyes
  9. Jesus Christ, Thy Name Indeed Is Sweet
  10. Jesus, Spotless Lamb of God
  11. Jesus, Thy Name I Love
  12. Jesus, We Rest in Thee
  13. Lamb of God! Our Souls Adore Thee
  14. Lamb of God, Thou Now Art Seated
  15. Little While! Our Lord Shall Come, A
  16. Lord Jesus, Are We One with Thee?
  17. Lord Jesus, When I Think of Thee
  18. Lord, We Are Thine, Our God Thou Art
  19. O Blessed Jesus, Lamb of God
  20. O Happy Day When First We Felt
  21. O Jesus Christ, the Savior
  22. O Jesus, Gracious Savior
  23. O Lamb of God, Still Keep Me
  24. O Lord, in Nothing Would I Boast
  25. O Lord, ’Tis Joy to Look Above
  26. O Lord, When We the Path Retrace
  27. O Lord, Who Now Art Seated
  28. Oft We, Alas! Forget the Love
  29. Savior, Haste, Our Souls Are Waiting
  30. Savior! Hasten Thine Appearing
  31. Soon Shall Our Master Come
  32. There Is a Place of Endless Joy
  33. Thou Hast Stood Here, Lord Jesus
  34. ’Twas Thy Love, O God, That Knew Us
  35. Veil Is Rent, The
  36. We Bless Our Savior’s Name
  37. We’re Not of the World That Fadeth Away
  38. When Along Life’s Thorny Road
  39. When First O’erwhelmed with Sin and Shame