Early 20th Century

We have little data on Deason. Copyright records suggest she may have lived in Texas.

  1. Brother, the Savior Has Freed You
  2. Dear Sinner, Thy Soul Is Adrift
  3. Forgive Me, Lord, O Let Me Be
  4. Gate of Prayer Stands Open, The
  5. God Calleth Thee, O Hear Him
  6. If We Walk in the Light
  7. I’m Sailing Out on Life’s Rough Sea
  8. I’ve a Title to a Mansion
  9. Just the Right Savior Is Jesus
  10. Meet Me in Heaven
  11. Message of Pardon for You, A
  12. Sinner, You’re Wandering
  13. They’re Waiting Up Yonder
  14. We Are Often Worn and Weary
  15. We Shall Meet Again at the Last