1746, Ratby, Leicestershire, England.

1816, Barton (near Market Bosworth), Leicestershire, England.

Deacon’s father was Samuel Deacon, Sr., one of the first preachers of the Leicestershire General Baptists. Samuel Jr. was also half brother to hymnist John Deacon of Leicester.

In 1771, Deacon settled in Barton, a small agricultural village. He established a considerable business there as a clock and watch maker, and became well known for his mechanical skills. In 1779, he was invited to help his father minister to the cluster of village congregations of General Baptists, of which Barton was the center. He was a popular preacher, serving 37 years without pay, and contributing to various religious enterprises. His works include:

  1. And Will Ye Go Away from Christ?
  2. Arise, My Soul, and Praise the Lord
  3. Importance of a Sacred Rite, The
  4. In Jesus’ Name We Come to Thee
  5. O for a Plenitude of Grace
  6. O Who Can Comprehend the Rest
  7. To Jordan’s Stream the Savior Goes
  8. Ye Heavy Laden Souls