February 15, 1804, Worcester, Eng­land.

November 11, 1887, Heslington, Yorkshire, Eng­land.

Son of Richard Francis Davis, Rector of All Saints, Worcester, Thomas studied for a law career, and practiced two years as a solicitor. He then entered Queen’s College, Oxford (BA 1833, MA 1837). On taking Holy Orders, he became Curate of All Saints, Worcester. In 1859, he became Incumbent of Roundhay, Yorkshire. His works in­clude:

  1. Baptized into the Name
  2. Born to Bless Us, Born to Save!
  3. Christian, Be Thou Content
  4. Come, Holy Spirit, Come
  5. Day by Day and Year By Year
  6. Dear Is the Eye of Earthly Love
  7. Does One Small Voice Within the Soul?
  8. Eastern Sages Sought Their Lord, The
  9. Faith Alone Breathes Calm Devotion
  10. Father, Vouchsafe Us Grace Divine
  11. Floods Lift Up Their Waves, The
  12. Great Father of Our Race
  13. Hark! A Seraph Host Are Singing
  14. Heavy and Dark the Clouds O’erhung
  15. Holiest, Holiest, Hearken in Love
  16. How Kind Our Father’s Voice
  17. I Thank Thee, Lord, for Every Night
  18. I Will Not Mourn My Weakness, Lord
  19. In Holy Contemplation
  20. Keep Thou My Heart
  21. Let Every Voice for Praise Awake
  22. Linked in the Bond of Peace
  23. Lord Our God Is King, The
  24. Lord, Send Thy Spirit from Above
  25. More Light, More Life, More Love
  26. Morn Hath Brightened Slowly
  27. My Father Kept Me Through the Night
  28. O Paradise Eternal
  29. Our God Is Love, O Sweetly Sing
  30. Shall I Fear, O Earth, Thy Bosom?
  31. Sing, Ye Seraphs, in the Sky
  32. Sweet Is the Light, Whate’er It Be
  33. ’Tis Sweet on Earth to Wake at Morn
  34. To All Thy Servants Who This Day
  35. To Thine Own Peaceful Skies
  36. Unworthy Though I Be
  37. What Thou Fields of Earth Have Yielded
  38. Why Comes This Fragrance on the Summer Breeze?