June 16, 1814, Wales.

October 1867, St. Asaph, Wales.

St. Asaph churchyard, Wales.

Davies’ parents were Robert and Ann Davies, of Segar Farm, Henllan, near Denbigh. At age 4, he lost his mother, and was afterward taken by his uncle to Bronyrhaul Farm, in the same parish.

He was apprenticed to a painter at St., and in 1834, he moved to Bangor, where he became a prominent musician and precentor of the Wesleyan chapel. By trade he was a painter and plumber.

In 1837 he married Margaret, daughter of Owen Williams of Tros-y-canol, near Bangor. At Bangor he was very popular as a singer and music teacher. In 1840 the family moved to St. Asaph, where he was became principal alto in the cathedral choir, a position he held 27 years.

At the 1852 Bethesada eisteddfod, he won a prize for the best anthem—Mawl a’th Erys. In 1853, he secured the prize for the best anthem on Mor hawddgar yw dy begyll at the same place. He was also a prize winner at the 1860 eisteddfod at Denbigh. Davies wrote congregational tunes as well as anthems.

  1. Gethsemane
  2. Gobaith
  3. St. Asaph
  4. St. Kentigern

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