April 6, 1834, New Haven, Connecticut.

November 20, 1903, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, New York.


When Danks was eight years old, his family moved to Saratoga Springs, New York, where he studied music with Dr. L. E. Whiting. Later, Danks worked as a carpenter in his father’s construction business for while, but shortly began a full time music career: composing, singing, and leading choral groups. In 1864, he moved to New York City. In 1892, he published Superior Anthems for Church Choirs. The next year, he published his best known song, Silver Threads Among the Gold (words by Eben Rexford), which sold over three million copies. Having sold the rights to it, though, he died penniless in a boarding house. His last written words: It’s hard to die alone.

  1. Not Ashamed of Christ, 1893
  1. Alicante
  2. Avoca
  3. Balclutha
  4. Bangalore
  5. Blackwell
  6. Christ Is King
  7. Delphine
  8. Happy Faces
  9. Hark! He Is Calling
  10. I’ll Praise Him While I Live
  11. Lake Street
  12. Little Children, Come Away
  13. Lord in Zion Reigneth, The
  14. Monterey
  15. No Night There
  16. Northridge
  17. Precious Story, The
  18. Rapid City
  19. Singing, Light and Free
  20. Spitta
  21. Trifle Not
  22. Waiting Savior, The
  23. Will There Be Light for Me?

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