February 12, 1816, Baltimore, Maryland.

July 18, 1886, Calcutta (now Kolkata), India.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Son of James and Henrietta Austin Dall, Charles was adopted at age seven by his bachelor uncle and maiden aunt, William and Sarah Dall of Boston, Massachusetts. He attended the Franklin School, Boston Latin School (graduated 1833), graduated from Harvard in 1837, and from the Cambridge Divinity School in 1840. After graduation, he worked as a minister at large. He was ordained an evangelist in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1841, and later continued this work in Baltimore.

In 1855, the American Unitarian Association commissioned him as a missionary, and despite extremely poor health, he sailed from Boston to Calcutta in February of that year. He was coughing blood during the voyage (tuberculosis?), but eventually reached India; unconscious on arrival, he had to be carried ashore on a litter. He recovered well enough to spend three decades laboring on the subcontinent. He inherited a large personal fortune, and spent nearly all of it on mission work.

  1. God Cannot Die, Then Why Should I?
  2. Great Is the Earth, O God
  3. O God, Who Dwellest in the Surging Sea
  4. Our Wisest Wisdom’s Chosen Gate
  5. Rejoice and Be Exceeding Glad
  6. Southern Cross, The