February 20, 1845, near Elk River, Ten­nes­see (eight miles west of Fay­ette­ville, Ten­nes­see)

September 21, 1924, at his home in Nash­ville, Ten­nes­see.

Mount Hope Cemetery, Frank­lin, Ten­nes­see.

A Cum­ber­land Pres­by­ter­i­an minister, Dale received his Bachelor of Divinity degree from Cum­ber­land University, Leb­a­non, Ten­nes­see, in 1876, and was ordained by the Nash­ville Pres­by­te­ry at Frank­lin, Ten­nes­see, the next year. In addition to his ministerial duties, he wrote and published song books, other books, and tracts, including:

  1. Amid the Fury of the Blast
  2. Are You Marching on to Glory?
  3. Ask, for the Father Is Ready to Hear
  4. Baptist by the Jordan Stood, The
  5. Behold the Lamb of God
  6. By and By
  7. Christians, Up! Our Lord Is Calling
  8. Cling Close to the Rock
  9. Closer to Thee, O Blessed Redeemer
  10. Don’t You Hear the Harps of Glory?
  11. Door Was Once Opened to Sinners Lost, A
  12. Faith of Our Fathers, Dear the Names
  13. Far from My Home in This Strange Land
  14. Full Oft I’ve Heard This Gentle Whisper
  15. Go Forth, Ye Heralds of the Cross
  16. Go Wash at That Fountain of Cleansing
  17. God Has Our Strength and Refuge Proved
  18. Gone, but Not Lost
  19. Gone from Our Vision to That Land So Bright
  20. Great God, Lift Up Thy Hand
  21. Hark, I Hear a Voice That’s Calling
  22. Hark, I Hear the Noise of Battle
  23. Hark! ’Tis the Song of the Angels I Hear
  24. Have You Heard What Je­sus Said to Me?
  25. High Raise Your Heads
  26. Homeward Path I Slowly Take, The
  27. Hosanna to the Son of Da­vid
  28. How Long We’ve Been Waiting and Watching for Thee
  29. How Pleasant Is the Sight When Children All Agree
  30. I Am a Little Orphan Boy
  31. I Am a Little Pilgrim
  32. I Am a Pilgrim Stranger
  33. I Am Going to Heaven, My Home
  34. I Am Just from Je­sus, Who Has Cleansed My Soul
  35. I Am Nearing the Port
  36. I Am Sweeping Thro’ the Gates
  37. I Am the Rose of Sharon
  38. I Have Heard the Sweet Story of Je­sus Tonight
  39. I Have Started for the Kingdom
  40. I’m a Pilgrim Here Below
  41. I’m Alone in the World
  42. In My Father’s House on High
  43. In the High and Holy Mountains
  44. Jesus Wept, He Wept for Me
  45. Just Waiting the Summons to Welcome Me Home
  46. Let All Created Mortals Sing
  47. Lord, Bless Me, and Make Me a Blessing
  48. Lord, Make Room for a Little Child
  49. Lord’s My Shepherd, The
  50. Meet Me There
  51. My Soul Is Filled with Glory
  52. Now the Song of Triumph I Will Sing
  53. O Father, Dear Father, Come Home
  54. O God, Our Fathers’ God, to Thee
  55. O Lamb of God, I Come to Thee
  56. O Lord in My Closet Now
  57. O Lord, We Love Thy Sabbaths
  58. O My Brother, Have You Been to Beu­lah Land?
  59. O Where Is Now My Brother Dear?
  60. On God I Called with Heart Resigned
  61. On the Way from Je­ru­sa­lem
  62. One Hundred Years Ago, in the Old Log House
  63. Peals of Midnight Bells, The
  64. Pharisee Came to the Savior by Night, A
  65. Resist Not the Spirit
  66. See the Savior as He Goes
  67. Shall I Be Condemned Forever?
  68. Sweet Haven of Rest
  69. Sweet Land of Rest Beyond
  70. Tarry with Us, Blessed Je­sus
  71. There Is a Fountain Opened Wide
  72. There Is a Healing, Cleansing Tide
  73. There Is a Land of Grand Delight
  74. There Is Joy Among the Angels
  75. There Shall Be Showers of Blessing
  76. There’ll Be Light in the Valley When Jesus Comes
  77. There’s a Great Judgment Day That Is Coming
  78. There’s a Home Far Away in That Beautiful Land
  79. There’s Rest Beyond the Tide
  80. They Need No Sun in the New Je­ru­salem
  81. Thousands Lie in Sin and Sorrow
  82. Time Has Come When We Must Part, The
  83. To Mark the Sufferings of the Babe
  84. Up to the Hills I’ll Lift Mine Eyes
  85. We Come Today with Brightest Flowers
  86. We Have Met Today on the Old Camp Ground
  87. We Have Often Met Together
  88. We Must Have the Same Religion
  89. Weeping May Last for a Night
  90. We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes
  91. What a Shout Will Rise
  92. When Bowed with Afflictions and Woes Here Below
  93. When Persecutions Rage Around
  94. When That Awful Day Shall Come
  95. When the Dark Night of This Life Shall Be O’er
  96. Where Babel’s Current Flows
  97. Who Will Carry Me Over the River?
  98. Whosoever Will, O Come, Come Today
  99. Write, Blessed Are the Dead
  1. Are You Counting the Cost?
  2. In the Light of God’s Wonderful Love
  3. Jesus Is Coming Again
  4. Sulawesi
  5. White Plains

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