February 20, 1845, near Elk Riv­er, Ten­nes­see (eight miles west of Fay­ette­ville, Ten­nes­see)

September 21, 1924, at his home in Nash­ville, Ten­nes­see.

Mount Hope Cem­e­te­ry, Frank­lin, Ten­nes­see.

A Cum­ber­land Pres­by­ter­i­an minister, Dale received his Ba­che­lor of Di­vin­i­ty degree from Cum­ber­land Un­i­ver­si­ty, Leb­a­non, Ten­nes­see, in 1876, and was ordained by the Nash­ville Pres­by­te­ry at Frank­lin, Ten­nes­see, the next year.

In addition to his min­is­ter­ial du­ties, he wrote and pub­lished song books, other books, and tracts, in­cluding:

  1. Amid the Fury of the Blast
  2. Are You March­ing on to Glo­ry?
  3. Ask, for the Fath­er Is Ready to Hear
  4. Baptist by the Jor­dan Stood, The
  5. Behold the Lamb of God
  6. By and By
  7. Christians, Up! Our Lord Is Call­ing
  8. Cling Close to the Rock
  9. Closer to Thee, O Bless­ed Re­deem­er
  10. Don’t You Hear the Harps of Glo­ry?
  11. Door Was Once Opened to Sin­ners Lost, A
  12. Faith of Our Fath­ers, Dear the Names
  13. Far from My Home in This Strange Land
  14. Full Oft I’ve Heard This Gen­tle Whi­sper
  15. Go Forth, Ye Her­alds of the Cross
  16. Go Wash at That Foun­tain of Cleans­ing
  17. God Has Our Strength and Ref­uge Proved
  18. Gone, but Not Lost
  19. Gone from Our Vi­sion to That Land So Bright
  20. Great God, Lift Up Thy Hand
  21. Hark, I Hear a Voice That’s Call­ing
  22. Hark, I Hear the Noise of Bat­tle
  23. Hark! ’Tis the Song of the An­gels I Hear
  24. Have You Heard What Je­sus Said to Me?
  25. High Raise Your Heads
  26. Homeward Path I Slow­ly Take, The
  27. Hosanna to the Son of Da­vid
  28. How Long We’ve Been Wait­ing
  29. How Plea­sant Is the Sight
  30. I Am a Little Or­phan Boy
  31. I Am a Little Pil­grim
  32. I Am a Pil­grim Stran­ger
  33. I Am Going to Hea­ven, My Home
  34. I Am Just from Je­sus, Who Has Cleansed My Soul
  35. I Am Near­ing the Port
  36. I Am Sweep­ing Thro’ the Gates
  37. I Am the Rose of Shar­on
  38. I Have Heard the Sweet Sto­ry of Je­sus To­night
  39. I Have Start­ed for the King­dom
  40. I’m a Pil­grim Here Below
  41. I’m Alone in the World
  42. In My Fath­er’s House on High
  43. In the High and Ho­ly Moun­tains
  44. Jesus Wept, He Wept for Me
  45. Just Wait­ing the Sum­mons to Wel­come Me Home
  46. Let All Cre­at­ed Mor­tals Sing
  47. Lord, Bless Me, and Make Me a Bless­ing
  48. Lord, Make Room for a Lit­tle Child
  49. Lord’s My Shep­herd, The
  50. Meet Me There
  51. My Soul Is Filled with Glo­ry
  52. Now the Song of Tri­umph I Will Sing
  53. O Fath­er, Dear Fath­er, Come Home
  54. O God, Our Fath­ers’ God, to Thee
  55. O Lamb of God, I Come to Thee
  56. O Lord in My Clos­et Now
  57. O Lord, We Love Thy Sab­baths
  58. O My Bro­ther, Have You Been to Beu­lah Land?
  59. O Where Is Now My Bro­ther Dear?
  60. O, Who Shall Be Able to Stand?
  61. On God I Called with Heart Re­signed
  62. On the Way from Je­ru­sa­lem
  63. One Hun­dred Years Ago, in the Old Log House
  64. Peals of Mid­night Bells, The
  65. Pharisee Came to the Sav­ior by Night, A
  66. Resist Not the Spir­it
  67. See the Sav­ior as He Goes
  68. Shall I Be Con­demned For­ev­er?
  69. Sweet Ha­ven of Rest
  70. Sweet Land of Rest Be­yond
  71. Tarry with Us, Bless­ed Je­sus
  72. There Is a Foun­tain Opened Wide
  73. There Is a Heal­ing, Clean­sing Tide
  74. There Is a Land of Grand De­light
  75. There Is Joy Among the An­gels
  76. There Shall Be Show­ers of Bless­ing
  77. There’ll Be Light in the Val­ley
  78. There’s a Home Far Away in That Beau­ti­ful Land
  79. There’s Rest Be­yond the Tide
  80. They Need No Sun in the New Je­ru­salem
  81. Thousands Lie in Sin and Sor­row
  82. Time Has Come When We Must Part, The
  83. To Mark the Suf­fer­ings of the Babe
  84. Up to the Hills I’ll Lift Mine Eyes
  85. We Come To­day with Bright­est Flow­ers
  86. We Have Met To­day on the Old Camp Ground
  87. We Have Oft­en Met To­geth­er
  88. We Must Have the Same Re­li­gion
  89. Weeping May Last for a Night
  90. We’ll Work Till Je­sus Comes
  91. What a Shout Will Rise
  92. When Bowed with Af­flic­tions
  93. When Per­se­cu­tions Rage Around
  94. When That Aw­ful Day Shall Come
  95. When the Dark Night of This Life Shall Be O’er
  96. Where Ba­bel’s Cur­rent Flows
  97. Who Will Car­ry Me Over the Riv­er?
  98. Whosoever Will, O Come, Come To­day
  99. Write, Bless­ed Are the Dead
  1. Are You Count­ing the Cost?
  2. Diyarbakır
  3. In the Light of God’s Won­de­rful Love
  4. Jesus Is Com­ing Again
  5. Sulawesi
  6. White Plains

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