Feb­ru­a­ry 9, 1854, Or­e­gon, Ogle Coun­ty, Il­li­nois.

Jan­u­a­ry 5, 1892, on a ship near Si­er­ra Le­one.

At sea.


Dake was the found­er of the Pen­ta­cost Bands (not Pen­te­cos­tal) that ev­an­gel­ized Il­li­nois, Io­wa, Kan­sas and Ohio. He was on a miss­ion­a­ry trip at the time of his death.

  1. Dark, Dark Are the Wa­ters Around Me
  2. Hasten with the Gos­pel
  3. I’ve Missed It at Last, He Re­peat­ed
  4. Let Me Go
  5. No Face Like Thine
  6. Old Rug­ged Cross, Yes, I Love It, The
  7. Rich Man Was He, A
  8. Take the World with Its Foll­ies and Rich­es
  9. We Have Ga­thered to Hear of the Sav­ior
  10. We’ll Gir­dle the Globe
  11. What Have I on Earth to Boast Of?