July 29, 1605, Memel, Prussia (now Klaipėda, Lithuania).

January 5, 1659, Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia).

Dach’s father was Simon Dach, interpreter to the Court of Justice at Memel. Young Simon attended the cathedral school at Königsberg, the town school at Wittenberg, and the Gymnasium at Magdeburg. In 1626, he returned to Königsberg where, after studying philosophy and theology at the university, he for some time worked as a private tutor. In 1633, he was appointed assistant in the cathedral school, and in 1636 Conrector. In 1639, he became Professor of Poetry at the university, and was five times Dean of the Philosophical Faculty, and from 1656–57, rector of the university.

  1. Ich steh’ in Angst und Pein
  2. Kein Christ soll ihm die Rechnung machen
    • Wouldst Thou Inherit Life with Christ on High?
  3. Nimm dich, o meine Seel’ in Acht
    • O Ye Halls of Heaven
  4. O wie selig seid ihr doch, ihr Frommen

Dach’s burial place