Ju­ly 29, 1605, Me­mel, Pruss­ia (now Klai­pė­da, Li­thu­an­ia).

Jan­u­a­ry 5, 1659, Kö­nigs­berg, Prus­sia (now Ka­lin­in­grad, Rus­sia).

Dach was the son of Si­mon Dach, in­ter­pre­ter to the Court of Jus­tice at Me­mel.

Si­mon the young­er at­tende­d the ca­thed­ral school at Kö­nigs­berg, the town school at Wit­ten­berg, and the Gym­na­si­um at Mag­de­burg.

In 1626, he re­turned to Kö­nigs­berg where, after stu­dy­ing phi­lo­so­phy and the­o­lo­gy at the un­i­ver­si­ty, he worked as a pri­vate tu­tor.

In 1633, he was ap­point­ed as­sist­ant in the ca­thed­ral school, and in 1636 Con­rec­tor.

In 1639, he b­ecame Pro­fess­or of Po­et­ry at the un­i­ver­si­ty, and was five times Dean of the Phi­lo­so­phi­cal Fa­cul­ty, and from 1656–57, rec­tor of the un­i­ver­si­ty.

  1. Ich Steh’ in Angst und Pein
  2. Kein Christ Soll Ihm die Rech­nung Mach­en
    • Wouldst Thou In­her­it Life with Christ on High?
  3. Nimm Dich, O Meine Seel’ in Acht
    • O Ye Halls of Hea­ven
  4. O Wie Sel­ig Seid Ihr Doch, Ihr From­men

Dach’s bu­ri­al place