June 9, 1867, Colwall, Herefordshire, Eng­land.

Au­gust 21, 1926, Duluth, Minnesota.

Forest Hill Ce­me­te­ry, Duluth, Minnesota.


Custance’s parents were George Musgrave Custance and Elizabeth Hume. In 1881, Arthur was studying in Lancing, Sussex. He then attended the University of Oxford, and in 1891, was probably in Pembrokeshire, Wales. After emigrating to America, he taught Latin and music in the public schools of Duluth, Minnesota (1892–1926). He served as choir master for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Duluth over the same time span, and was also an organist and composer.

Custance’s first wife, Thyrea, died before 1920. At the time of his death, his wife was Alberta.

  1. Lo, the Winter Is Past
  2. Long Years Ago on Christmas