December 31, 1823, Hingham Center, Massachusetts.

October 19, 1902, Lisbon Center, New York.

Jones Cemetery, Schuyler County, New York.

Cushing’s parents were Unitarians, and his early training was along these lines. After entering the ministry, his first pastorate was at Searsburg, New York. He married in 1854, and went on to serve in Auburn, Brooklyn, Buffalo, and Sparta, New York. After his wife died in 1870 and his health declined, he retired from the ministry and began writing hymns. He completed over 300 in his lifetime.

Husband of Rena Proper Cushing, William was ever mindful of the suffering of others. Once he gave $1,000—all he had, an enormous sum in those days—to a blind girl so she could get an education. His wife was .

  1. Band of Children Free, A
  2. Banners of Peace Are Unfurled, The
  3. All Over the Valleys So Green and Fair
  4. Apples Are Ripe
  5. Art Thou He That Should Come?
  6. Be Ready to Labor with Heart and Will
  7. Be Ready with the Heart
  8. Beautiful Valley of Eden
  9. Bells of Eternity, The
  10. Beyond the Sea, Life’s Boundless Sea
  11. Blessed Are the Friends
  12. Breaking Through the Mists and Shadows
  13. Bright Is the Morning of the Day of Jubilee
  14. Bring Some One to Jesus Today
  15. Children, Rally, Rally for the Armies
  16. Chime On, Sweet Bells
  17. Christian, Faint and Weary, The
  18. Climbing Up the Steeps of Glory
  19. Come, Come, Come, the Bells
  20. Come to the Meadows Again
  21. Do They Know?
  22. Evening Dews Are Falling, The
  23. Fair Is the Morn on That Radiant Shore
  24. Fair Is the Morning Land
  25. Fishers Sat Within Their Boat, The
  26. Floral Praise
  27. Follow On
  28. From the Shining Morning Land
  29. Gathering Home to the Silent Shore
  30. Goodbye, Goodbye, We Hope Again to Meet You
  31. Hail the Joyful Tidings
  32. Hark, ’Tis the Angel Chorus
  33. He Came in His Beauty, Strength and Pride
  34. He Came in the Hush of the Silent Night
  35. Hear Them Chiming Forth His Glory
  36. Hear Them Chiming Forth the Master’s Glory
  37. Heavenly Father, Teach the Way
  38. Hiding in Thee
  39. Home at Last
  40. Home, Home, Brightest and Fairest!
  41. Home, Home, Sweet, Sweet Home
  42. Homes for the Children
  43. Hosts of God Are Marching, The
  44. I Am Clinging to the Rock
  45. I Am Glad We’re on the Rock
  46. I Am Longing for Heaven
  47. I Am Resting So Sweetly in Jesus Now
  48. I Am Waiting All Day
  49. I Am Waiting by the River
  50. I Ask Not Why Some Days Are Fair
  51. I Heard Them Say in the Holy City
  52. I Love to Think of Jesus
  53. I See the Shining Domes Afar
  54. I Sometimes Think ’Tis Too Good to Be True
  55. I Want to So Live That My Heart Can Say
  56. I Will Praise My God When the Morning Breaks
  57. I Will Tell What the Lord Hath Done for Me
  58. I Would Toil in the Field
  59. If I Were an Angel
  60. If You Want to See the Light
  61. I’m Resting Securely in Jesus Now!
  62. I’m Resting So Sweetly in Jesus
  63. In the Land Where the Bright Ones Are Gathered
  64. Jesus Knows Thy Sorrow
  65. Let All Within Me Praise the Name
  66. Let My Heart Be Pure From Sin
  67. Let Us Never Sigh Nor Falter
  68. Let Us Rally Round the Word
  69. Let Us Strew Their Path with Roses
  70. Lift Up Your Faces
  71. Lift Up Your Head, Desponding Christian
  72. Listen to the Chime of the Bells
  73. Little Children, Little Children
  74. Live to Do Good
  75. Live to Do Your Duty
  76. Make Hay, While the Sun Shines
  77. March On, March On, for the Lord
  78. Mine Be a Hope That Is Changeless
  79. Morn So Fair
  80. My Days Are Passing Sweetly
  81. My Father, While on Earth I Stay
  82. My Heart Is Glad for This I Know
  83. My Mother’s Cot Was by the Sea
  84. Name of Jesus, The
  85. No Hope in Jesus
  86. No One Can Tell What
  87. No Room in Heaven
  88. O Banner of Jesus
  89. O Blessed Promise of My God
  90. O Children, Come to Your Father’s House
  91. O Christian, Now Be True!
  92. O Give Thy Heart to Jesus
  93. O Jesus, Star of the Morning
  94. O Savior, We Pray Thee
  95. O Sweet Are the Moments
  96. O the Bells, the Joyful Bells
  97. O the Children May Come to the Savior Now
  98. O the Sabbath Hours Are So Calm
  99. O They Need Not Depart
  100. O Wanderer, Come to the Father’s Home
  101. O Watchman on the Mountain Height
  102. O We Have Studied Hard Now
  103. O’er the Wide Ocean
  104. Oh, the Wells of Salvation That in Jesus I Find!
  105. Once More, O Lord, We Pray
  106. One Soul Redeemed by Jesus’ Blood
  107. Our Lord Is Crowned Immanuel King
  108. Over the Hills Are the Pastures
  109. Peaceful and Beautiful Haven of Rest
  110. Peaceful Are the Tents
  111. Precious Is the Hope
  112. Ring the Bells of Heaven
  113. Savior Is Waiting, The
  114. See, O See the Shining Angels
  115. See, the Sun Is Peeping
  116. Shepherds of Bethlehem, The
  117. Sitting by the Wayside
  118. Sky Was Dark Above, The
  119. So Many, Many Mercies Crown My Days!
  120. Someone Must Go to the Far Off Lands
  121. Summer Days Are Coming
  122. Sunny Weather
  123. Sweet Are the Bells of the Morning
  124. Sweet Is the Sunlight
  125. Ten Thousand Hearts Are Bowing
  126. Tenting by the Shore of the Great, Deep Sea
  127. There Are Millions Now Who Have Heard His Voice
  128. There in the Glory of the Shining Land
  129. There Is No Dew on the Mountains of Zion
  130. There Is No Name So Sweet on Earth
  131. There Were Many Children’s Voices
  132. There’ll Be No Dark Valley
  133. There’ll Be No More Sorrow
  134. There’s a Bright, Happy Home
  135. They Have Triumphed at Last
  136. This Little Lamb Is Dollie
  137. Though All Men Forsake Him
  138. Times Flies, They Say, It Flies
  139. ’Tis Only Just a Step
  140. ’Tis Wrong to Be Cross, Dear
  141. To Be There
  142. Tossed by the Tempest
  143. Tread Softly, Tread Softly
  144. Under His Wings
  145. Waiting Still Whate’er Betide
  146. Wake, O Wake, the Bells of Morning
  147. We Are All a Band of Scholars
  148. We Are Watching
  149. We Should Think How We All
  150. When He Cometh
  151. When Jesus Comes
  152. When My Feet Shall Come to the Golden Gate
  153. When Summer Blooms Are Rarest
  154. When the Children All Come Seeking
  155. Who May Be This Wondrous Stranger?
  156. Who Will Meet Me When I Die?
  157. Wide, Wide, World, The