May 5, 1795, Cork, Ireland.

November 23, 1867, Wildecroft, Buckland, Surrey, England.

Son of a merchant in Cork, Cummins moved to London in 1834, and for many years directed the Union Bank of Australia. He devoted much time to the study of Hebrew and theology, and his children’s use in preparation for confirmation, prepared Seals of the Covenant Opened in the Sacraments, published in 1839. It was republished in 1849 as Hymns, Meditations and Other Poems; the title on the cover was Lyra Evangelica, and it is usually known by this name.

  1. Jesu, Lord of Life and Glory
  2. Jesus, Lord, We Kneel Before Thee
  3. Shall Hymns of Grateful Love

Cummins’ burial place