1834, Honeoye, New York.

January 1912.

Oakhill Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Maria was the daughter of John Alger and Mary Steele, and wife of Owen Russell Loomis Crozier. She attended school in Rochester, New York, and graduated from McGrawville College, McGraw, New York. She wrote for the Advent Harbinger and the Children’s Friend, and contributed poems to journals such as The Sybill, The Household Advocate, and The Morning Star. She married Owen Crozier in 1853, and the next year the couple moved to Michigan, where they became the first teachers in the public schools of Grand Rapids.

Julian incorrectly states Maria was from Hudson Ville, Massachusetts: Maria’s husband Owen was superintendent of schools in Hudsonville, Michigan, in 1876.

  1. Come to Me, Savior, Come
  2. Come with Cheerful Singing
  3. Home at Last
  4. Only a Little While
  5. Only a Little While Shall I This Vigil Keep
  6. There’s a Voice That Speaks So Softly
  7. Welcome Him Back to the Earth Once More