November 7, 1804, Hudson, New York.

November 9, 1851, Boston, Massachusetts.


Crosswell graduated from Yale College in 1822. He studied law for a time, but eventually entered Harvard College to study theology. While in Hartford, Connecticut, 1827-28, he helped edit The Watchman, and contributed many of his poems to it. He took Holy Orders in the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1829. He then became Rector of Christ Church, Boston (1829); St. Peter’s, Auburn, New York (1840); and Church of the Advent, Boston (1844). His Memoir was written by his father, of New Haven, Connecticut; his Poems, collected by his father, were edited, with a short memoir, by Dr. (later Bishop) Coxe, and published in Boston in 1860.

  1. And Now the Solemn Rite Is Past
  2. Lord, Go with Us, and We Go
  3. Lord, Lead the Way the Savior Went
  4. Now Gird Your Patient Loins Again
  5. O Savior, Leave Us Not Alone
  6. We Come Not with a Costly Store

Crosswell’s burial place