1623, Bradfield Monachorum, Suffolk, England (possibly the present day Bradfield St. George in Suffolk).

February 4, 1683, Bristol, England.

South aisle, cathedral church, Bristol, England.

Crossman earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Pembroke College, Cambridge, and was Prebendary of Bristol. After graduation, he ministered to both an Anglican congregation at All Saints, Sudbury, and to a Puritan congregation as well. Crossman sympathized with the Puritan cause, and attended the 1661 Savoy Conference, which attempted to update the Book of Common Prayer so both Puritans and Anglicans could use it. The conference failed, and the 1662 Act of Uniformity expelled some 2,000 ministers from the Church, including Crossman. He recanted shortly thereafter, and was ordained in 1665, becoming a royal chaplain. He received a post at Bristol in 1667, and became Dean of Bristol Cathedral in 1683. Crossman’s works include:

  1. Behold, He Comes, Comes from on High
  2. Earth’s but a Sorry Tent
  3. Farewell, Poor World, I Must Be Gone
  4. Jerusalem on High
  5. My Life’s a Shade, My Days
  6. My Song Is Love Unknown
  7. This Is the Gift, Thy Gift, O Lord
  8. Sweet Place

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