December 30, 1864, Manchester, New Hampshire.

April 23, 1942, Manchester, New Hampshire.

Cross attended Phillips Andover Academy, Amherst College (BA 1886) and the Andover Theological Seminary (BD 1891), and Dartmouth College (DD 1906). Ordained in December 1892, he served in Cliftondale, Massachusetts (1892-96); Park Church, Springfield, Massachusetts (1896-1901); at the Old South Church, Boston, Massachusetts (1901-12); and Milford, Massachusetts (1916-25). His works include:

  1. America, America, the Shouts of War Shall Cease
  2. America, America, We Lift Our Battle cry!
  3. As Stars Come with the Night
  4. From Out the Rock Whence We Were Hewn
  5. Gray Hills Taught Me Patience, The (1927)
  6. Guide of My Spirit on Its Devious Way
  7. Hidden Years at Nazareth, The (1926)
  8. Jesus, Kneel Beside Me
  9. Maker of Stars, Eternal King
  10. More Light Shall Break
  11. Mount Up with Wings as Eagles
  12. Pass on the Torch
  13. Salute the Banner of the Sun
  14. Stars They Sing Together, The
  15. Though Fatherland Be Vast and Fair
  16. What Doth the Lord Require of Thee?
  17. Wild Roars the Blast
  18. Young and Radiant