February 22, 1841, Scio, Michigan.

March 9, 1931, at his home in Butler, Pennsylvania.

North Side Cemetery, Butler, Pennsylvania.


Cronenwett was a Lutheran pastor in Butler, Pennsylvania. He contributed to the 1880 Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal 20 translations from German, and a number of original hymns.

  1. Holy State Is Wedded Life, A
  2. Faith Is Wisdom from on High
  3. Heavenly Father, Jesus Taught Us
  4. Invited, Lord, by Boundless Grace
  5. O Triune God, Thy Blessing Great
  6. Of Omniscient Grace I Sing
  7. Of Zion’s Honor Angels Sing
  8. Precepts of the Word Are Pure, The
  9. Spirit’s Fruits Are Peace and Love, The
  10. ’Tis a Marvel in Our Eyes
  11. To Thee, Our Fathers’ God, We Bow
  12. Unto Cæsar Let Us Render
  13. We Have a Sure Prophetic Word
  1. Lord, as Thou Wilt
  2. Lord God, We All to Thee Give Praise
  3. Lord Jesus, Thou Art Truly Good
  4. New-Born Child This Early Morn, The