August 17, 1780, Dublin, Ireland.

November 24, 1860, Holborn, England.

St. Stephen Walbrook, London, England.


Croly graduated from the University of Dublin (MA 1804, LLD 1831), then took Holy Orders. He worked in Ireland until about 1810, when he moved to London and devoted himself to literature. In 1835, he became associated with St. Stephen’s, Walbrook, and St. Benet Sherehog. His prose publications, in addition to contributions to Blackwood’s Magazine, were numerous, and dealt with biographical, historical, and scriptural subjects. His works include:

  1. Be Still, Be Still, Impatient Soul
  2. Behold Me, Lord, and If Thou Find
  3. Earth to Earth, and Dust to Dust
  4. Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates of Light
  5. Lord, Who Hast Sought Us Out, Unsought
  6. Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart
  7. Teach Us, O Lord, This Day
  8. Thou, Lord of Mercy and of Might