April 26, 1847, Franklinville, New Jersey.

October 31, 1919, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cementerio Británico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Samuel was the son of James Abbott Craver and Hannah Porch, and husband of Laura Ellen Gassner, with whom he had six children.

Craver was educated at Iowa College (AB, BD, DD, 1871); Boston Theological College (1875); and Iowa Wesleyan College, Mount Pleasant, Iowa (1887).

In 1875, Craver became a Methodist Episcopal missionary in Mexico, serving there for 20 years. He was a charter member of the Methodist Mexico Conference, and founder of the Methodist Church at Guanajuato. He also worked in Paraguay.

In 1895, Craver was transferred to South America, serving as a pastor, several times district superintendent, and president of the theological seminary in Buenos Aires (1895–1919).

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