February 21, 1667, Wernsdorf (near Glachau), Saxony.

November 10, 1724, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Son of Johannes Crasselt, sheep master at Wernsdorf, Crasselius studied at Halle under August Francke, and in 1701 became pastor at Nidda, in Wetteravia, Hesse. In 1708, he was appointed Lutheran pastor at Düsseldorf.

  1. Dir, dir, Jehovah, will ich singen
    • Draw Me, O Father, to the Son
    • Jehovah, Let Me Now Adore Thee
    • To Thee, Jehovah, I’ll Be Singing
    • To Thee, O Lord, I Come with Singing
    • To Thee, O Lord, Will I Sing Praises
  2. Erwach, O Mensch, erwache
    • Awake, O Man, and from Thee Shake
  3. Heiligster Jesu, Heiligungsquelle