May 10, 1818, Mendham, New Jersey.

July 20, 1896, Clifton Springs, New York.

Trinity Church, Geneva, New York.


Arthur was the son of well known Presbyterian minister Samuel H. Cox (Arthur added the ‘e’ to his surname). He attended the University of New York and the General Theological Seminary in New York City. He pastored at St. John’s Church, Hartford, Connecticut; Grace Church, Baltimore, Maryland; and Calvary Church, New York City. He declined an appointment as bishop of Texas, but in 1865 became Episcopal bishop of Western New York. His works include:

  1. Behold an Israelite Indeed
  2. Bird Song, The
  3. Body of Jesus, O Sweet Food
  4. Breath of the Lord, O Spirit Blest
  5. Carol, Carol Christians
  6. Christ Is Arisen
  7. He for Who Christ Hath Left Behind
  8. How Beauteous Were the Marks Divine
  9. In the Silent Midnight Watches
  10. Lord, When Thou Didst Come from Heaven
  11. Now We Pray for Our Country
  12. O Walk with God, and Thou Shalt Find
  13. O Where Are Kings and Empires Now
  14. O Who Like Thee, So Calm, So Bright
  15. Savior, Sprinkle Many Nations
  16. Still as Our Day Our Strength Shall Be
  17. Soldier, to the Contest Pressing
  18. There Is a Land Like Eden Fair
  19. We Are Living, We Are Dwelling
  20. Who Is This, with Garments Gory?
  21. When o’er Judea’s Vales and Hills