May 10, 1812, Ox­ford, Eng­land.

Sep­tem­ber 23, 1897, Iffley, Head­ing­ton, Ox­ford­shire, Eng­land.

Cox is re­mem­bered for her trans­la­tions of Ger­man cho­rales. She col­la­bo­rat­ed with Ba­ron Chris­tian von Bun­sen (1791–1860), Pruss­ian am­bass­a­dor to Lon­don, in choos­ing ti­tles to trans­late.

Her works in­clude:

  1. All Glory, Wor­ship, Thanks, and Praise
  2. At Length Re­leased from Ma­ny Woes
  3. Blessed Lord, Thy Ser­vants See
  4. Earth Has No­thing Sweet or Fair
  5. Eternity! Eter­ni­ty!
  6. Go and Let My Grave Be Made
  7. God Liv­eth Ever
  8. God Liv­eth Still
  9. God Will Ne­ver Leave Thee
  10. Heaven and Earth, and Sea, and Air
  11. Heavenward Our Path Still Goes
  12. Heavenward Our Path­way Tends
  13. Heavenward Still Our Path­way Tends
  14. He’s the Same To­day as Yes­ter­day
  15. How Love­ly Now the Morn­ing Star
  16. I Sing to Thee with Voice and Heart
  17. Jesus Lives, Hence Forth Is Death
  18. Look Down O Lord, from Hea­ven Behold
  19. My God, I Now Ap­pear Be­fore Thee
  20. Now That the Sun’s Last Beam
  21. O Ho­ly Ghost, Thy Hea­ven­ly Dew
  22. One Thing First and On­ly Know­ing
  23. One Thing’s Need­ful, Then, Lord Je­sus
  24. Raise High the Notes of Ex­ul­ta­tion
  25. Sing Praise to God, the High­est Good
  26. Soul, Couldst Thou While on Earth Re­main­ing
  27. Sunk Is the Sun’s Last Beam of Light
  28. Thousand Years Have Fleet­ed, A
  29. We Come, Our Hearts with Glad­ness Glow­ing
  30. What Laws, My Bless­ed Sav­ior, Hast Thou Brok­en?
  31. Where the Mourn­er, Weep­ing
  32. Who Are These in Dazz­ling Bright­ness?
  33. Wisdom’s High­est, Nob­lest Trea­sure
  34. Wondering Sag­es Trace from Far, The
  35. Word by God the Fa­ther Sent
  1. Cast Ev­ery Id­ol from Its Throne
  2. Come! Tune Your Heart
  3. Eternal King! In Pow­er and Love Ex­cell­ing
  4. How Love­ly Shines the Morn­ing Star
  5. Jesus Lives!
  6. Love, Who in the First Be­gin­ning
  7. Lo, God to Heav’n As­cend­eth
  8. O Let Him Whose Sor­row
  9. Now Rest Be­neath Night’s Sha­dow
  10. One Thing’s Need­ful
  11. Our Bless­èd Sav­ior Se­ven Times Spoke
  12. Raise High the Notes of Ex­ul­ta­tion
  13. Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above
  14. Sleepers, Wake! the Watch Cry Peal­eth
  15. Wake! the Wel­come Day Ap­pear­eth
  16. We Sing to Thee, Im­man­u­el
  17. What God Hath Done Is Done Aright
  18. When Af­flict­ions Sore Op­press You
  19. Who Are These Like Stars Ap­pear­ing?
  20. What God Hath Done Is Done Aright