May 10, 1812, Oxford, Eng­land.

Sep­tem­ber 23, 1897, Iffley, Headington, Oxfordshire, Eng­land.

Cox is mainly remembered for her translations of German chorales. She collaborated with Baron Christian von Bunsen (1791–1860), Prussian ambassador to London, in choosing titles to translate. Her works in­clude:

  1. All Glory, Worship, Thanks, and Praise
  2. At Length Released from Many Woes
  3. Blessed Lord, Thy Servants See
  4. Earth Has Nothing Sweet or Fair
  5. Eternity! Eternity!
  6. Go and Let My Grave Be Made
  7. God Liveth Ever
  8. God Liveth Still
  9. God Will Never Leave Thee
  10. Heaven and Earth, and Sea, and Air
  11. Heavenward Our Path Still Goes
  12. Heavenward Our Pathway Tends
  13. Heavenward Still Our Pathway Tends
  14. He’s the Same Today as Yesterday
  15. How Lovely Now the Morning Star
  16. I Sing to Thee with Voice and Heart
  17. Jesus Lives, Hence Forth Is Death
  18. Look Down O Lord, from Heaven Behold
  19. My God, I Now Appear Before Thee
  20. Now That the Sun’s Last Beam
  21. O Holy Ghost Thy Heavenly Dew
  22. One Thing First and Only Knowing
  23. One Thing’s Needful, Then, Lord Jesus
  24. Raise High the Notes of Exultation
  25. Sing Praise to God, the Highest Good
  26. Soul, Couldst Thou While on Earth Remaining
  27. Sunk Is the Sun’s Last Beam of Light
  28. Thousand Years Have Fleeted, A
  29. We Come, Our Hearts with Gladness Glowing
  30. What Laws, My Blessed Savior, Hast Thou Broken?
  31. Where the Mourner, Weeping
  32. Who Are These in Dazzling Brightness?
  33. Wisdom’s Highest, Noblest Treasure
  34. Wondering Sages Trace from Far, The
  35. Word By God the Father Sent
  1. Cast Every Idol from Its Throne
  2. Come! Tune Your Heart
  3. Eternal King! In Power and Love Excelling
  4. How Lovely Shines the Morning Star
  5. Jesus Lives!
  6. Love, Who in the First Beginning
  7. Lo, God to Heav’n Ascendeth
  8. O Let Him Whose Sorrow
  9. Now Rest Beneath Night’s Shadow
  10. One Thing’s Needful
  11. Our Blessèd Savior Seven Times Spoke
  12. Raise High the Notes of Exultation
  13. Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above
  14. Sleepers, Wake! the Watch Cry Pealeth
  15. Wake! the Welcome Day Appeareth
  16. We Sing to Thee, Immanuel
  17. What God Hath Done Is Done Aright
  18. When Afflictions Sore Oppress You
  19. Who Are These Like Stars Appearing?
  20. What God Hath Done Is Done Aright