August 28, 1816, Baltimore, Maryland.

November 25, 1882, Washington, DC.

Spring Hill Cemetery, Easton, Maryland.

Son of Methodist preacher Luther J. Cox & brother of Samuel Cox, Christopher graduated from Yale College (1835) & medical school in Baltimore (1838), then studied medicine in Heidelberg, Germany. He served as a doctor and as Surgeon General of the Army of the Potomac in the American civil war, & was later elected Lieutenant Governor of the state of Maryland (1865–68). He went on to serve as the first chairman of the Board of Health in Washington, DC, and as Commissioner of Pensions.

  1. Burden of My Sins, The
  2. Haste Not, Haste Not, Do Not Rest
  3. I Love Thee, O Thou God of Mine
  4. Infidel and His Daughter, The
  5. Silently the Shades of Evening
  6. Without Haste, and Without Rest
  1. I Love Thee, O Most Gracious Lord