Sandy Coverett

Having been raised in a Baptist family in Galt, Ontario, Canada, Sandy married Elspeth (née Drinkwater) of Preston, Ontario, in 1963, and has two grown children. After several years in industry and management positions, Sandy began studies for and training in pastoral ministry. Following a series of health problems that precluded continuing toward ministry as a vocation, he felt led to become an elementary school teacher, with a special affinity for difficult students, both in segregated classrooms, and in the regular classes in the system. He devoted much time to Christian camping for children and young people, as well as other involvement in church affairs. He as had a life-long love affair with the English language, particularly poetry and the beautiful old hymn tunes of the church. As of 2006, he and his wife were living in Victoria, British Columbia. A self-described wordsmith, he enjoys writing of any kind that serves a purpose, and also dabbles with graphic arts for nonprofit purposes.

  1. At His Table
  2. At the End of Life’s Road
  3. For Remembrance Day
  4. For This New Year
  5. Morning Hymn, A
  6. This Blessèd Night