January 17, 1814, Brookfield, New York.

March 22, 1892, Mill Grove, New York.

West Ridgeway Cemetery, Medina, New York.


Cottrell was known as a writer, poet and minister. A member of the Seventh-day Adventists, he served for a time on the editorial committee of The Review and Herald in Battle Creek, Michigan. As of 1857, he was living in Mill Grove, New York.

  1. Angel’s Voice Now Breaks upon the Ear, An
  2. As Drowsy Earth Is Dreaming Still
  3. As Time Rolls on amid Earth’s Gloom
  4. Behold God’s Own Exalted Son
  5. Blessed Are They Henceforth That Die
  6. By Living Faith We Now Can See
  7. Cheer Up, Ye Soldiers of the Cross
  8. Delightful Day, Best Gift of Heaven
  9. Erected High in Heaven Stands
  10. God Loved the World, the Ruined World
  11. God That Made the Earth and All the Worlds, The
  12. Here Through a Wilderness of Sorrow
  13. Holy Sabbath, Sacred Rest
  14. O Lift Up Your Heads
  15. O Perfect Law of the Most High!
  16. O Solemn Thought
  17. There Is a House in Heaven Built
  18. Time Is Near, The
  19. ’Twas Wondrous Depth of Heavenly Love
  20. When Ancient Israel Met the Foe
  21. When God Confirmed His Law to Men
  22. Wonders of Redeeming Love, The