De­cem­ber 4, 1779, Can­nock, Staf­ford­shire, Eng­land.

De­cem­ber 29, 1823, Shef­field, Eng­land (Ju­li­an says the Gent­le­men’s Ma­ga­zine in­cor­rect­ly pub­lished Cot­ter­ill’s death date as Jan­u­a­ry 5, 1824).

After attending the local boarding school of Rev. J. Lomax, Cotterill went the Free School in Birmingham. He graduated from St. John’s College, Cambridge (BA 1801, MA 1805), of which he became a Fellow. Taking Holy Orders, he became Curate of Tutbury in June 1803. Subsequently, he was Incumbent of Lane End, Staffordshire (1808–17), and Perpetual Curate of St. Paul’s, Sheffield (1817–23).

Cotterill published his Family Prayers in six editions. Though he wrote some original hymns, he is better known as the compiler of A Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use, Adapted to the Festivals of the Church of England, which had a marked effect on modern hymnals (first edition 1810, ninth edition 1820). Cotterill himself contributed 25 original hymns and versions of individual psalms to the Selection.

  1. All Hail, Aus­pi­cious Morn
  2. Almighty Father, God of Grace
  3. Around Thy Table, Holy Lord
  4. Awake, O Sword, the Father Cried
  5. Awake, Ye Saints, Awake
  6. Before Thy Throne of Grace, O Lord
  7. Blessed Are They Who Mourn for Sin
  8. Eternal Spirit, God of Truth
  9. Father of Mercies, Let Our Songs
  10. From Sinai’s Mount, in Might Arrayed
  11. From Thine All Seeing Spirit, Lord
  12. God, in the Gospel of His Son
  13. Great God of Abraham!
  14. Help Us, O Lord, Thy Yoke to Wear
  15. I Love the Lord, for He Hath Heard
  16. I Was Alive Without the Law
  17. In All the Ways and Works of God
  18. In Memory of the Savior’s Love
  19. Jesus Exalted Far on High
  20. Let Songs of Praises Fill the Sky
  21. Lo, in the East Appears a Star
    • Ancient Sages from Afar, The
  22. Lord, Cause Thy Face on Us to Shine
  23. Lord God of Hosts, by All Adored
  24. Lord, Who Once on Calvary, The
  25. Lord of the Sabbath, ’Tis Thy Day
  26. Lost in the Wildering Maze of Sin
  27. O’er the Realms of Pagan Darkness
  28. Out of the Deeps, O Lord, We Call
  29. Prepare Us, Lord, to View Thy Cross
  30. Spirit of Truth, Thy Grace Impart
  31. Thou Boundless Source of Every Good
  32. When Christ, Victorious from the Grave