Jan­u­a­ry 24, 1872, Blount Coun­ty, Al­a­ba­ma.

Ju­ly 10, 1933, Fort Worth, Tex­as.

Shan­non Rose Hill Mem­or­i­al Park, Fort Worth, Texas.


Rufus was the son of Jo­el Mos­ley Cor­ne­li­us and Mar­tha Je­mi­ma Mur­phree, and hus­band of Ma­con Bur­le­son (mar­ried 1895, El­lis Coun­ty, Te­xas).

He worked in the mu­sic pub­lish­ing bus­i­ness, and at one time, was an of­fic­er of the East­ern El­lis Coun­ty Aux­il­i­ary Sing­ing Con­ven­tion.

His works in­clude:

  1. Are You Build­ing on the Sand?
  2. God So Loved the World His Son Was Giv­en
  3. In That Beau­ti­ful City That Is Built Above
  4. It’s Been Tried by Maine and Kan­sas
  5. O I Want to See Him
  6. O Jesus, Re­ceive Me
  1. Any Kind of Wea­ther Chris­tians
  2. At the Cross
  3. At the Great Home-Com­ing
  4. At the Great Roll Call in Hea­ven
  5. Before the Bow Is Brok­en
  6. Do Your Best
  7. Don’t Forget That Pro­mise to Mo­ther
  8. Don’t For­get to Tell Some­bo­dy Else
  9. For You, for Me
  10. Go Dip in the Jor­dan of God’s Love
  11. Grace is Work­ing Won­ders
  12. He Will Give the Bless­ing
  13. His Heart Is So True to Me
  14. I Love Je­sus Best of All
  15. I Told Je­sus About It
  16. If I Stand on the Pro­mis­es of God
  17. In the Hap­py Long Ago
  18. In the Sha­dow of Thy Wings
  19. It Was Just Like Je­sus, My Friend
  20. It Was Love
  21. It Was Love for Me
  22. Jesus Rolls Ev­ery Bur­den Away
  23. Jesus Will An­swer for Me
  24. Just You
  25. Keep the Love-Waves Rol­ling
  26. Keep Your Eyes on Je­sus
  27. Kollam
  28. Let Me Get Near­er the Cross
  29. Look Away to Cal­va­ry
  30. Lord, I Know Not What to Do
  31. My Sav­ior Trav­eled All the Way
  32. Nearer Still to Thee
  33. Never Alone Is the Chris­tian
  34. No One Else Cares Like Je­sus
  35. O I Want to See Him
  36. O Shout and Sing
  37. Over Lands That Lie in Dark­ness
  38. Redeemed Through Love
  39. Side by Side with Je­sus
  40. Since Je­sus Re­deemed My Soul
  41. Skies Will Smile Again
  42. To Thee, Dear Lord, I Go
  43. What a Day That Will Be
  44. When I Reach Home
  45. When Je­sus Came Along My Way
  46. When the Heart Is Right
  47. When the Soul Finds Je­sus
  48. When We En­ter Hea­ven
  49. You Are the One
  50. You, Just You
  51. You May Tell My Dear Old Par­ents