November 9, 1882, New York City.

May 1, 1963, Englewood, New Jersey.

Brookside Cemetery, Englewood, New Jersey.


Julia was the daughter of architect J. Cleveland Cady, and wife of Robert Haskell Cory (married 1911). She attended Brearley School and Reynolds School in New York, and her family belonged to the Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City. She was active in many church activities, and did much for her community. For most of her adult life she was a member of the New York City Hymn Society. Her married life was spent in Englewood, New Jersey, with summers in Weld, Maine.

  1. O, Dear and Blessed Jesus
  2. There Is a Tender Shepherd
  3. There Is Joy in Every Heart
  4. This World Was Made to Grow
  5. We Praise Thee, O God, Our Redeemer, Creator